Best Holiday Gifts For Foodies

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The holidays are the best time of the year when people treat their taste buds with all kinds of mouth-watering delicacies. Dinner parties and gourmet meets are an integral part of the Christmas and New Year festivities. While culinary delights are the flavour of the season, another important aspect of the occasion is to buy perfect Christmas gifts for near and dear ones.

Every one of us has that special person in our lives who is a complete food connoisseur. You can take this as an opportunity to make Christmas extra special for the foodie in your life by giving one of these gifts.

Chocolate Basket:

Chocolates are a universal favourite and the best thing is that they are available in a wide variety. Select some according to the taste of the recipient and make a special basket of an assorted mix to spread a special kind of festive cheer. Or buy gourmet baskets that contain chocolates in flavours like peanut, coconut, dark, milk and caramel.

Chocolates in a jar can also be an innovative idea for gifting to gifts. Bundle up pieces of the favourite kid chocolates in a mason jar. You can buy these chocolates online. Decorate the jar with ribbons, washi tape and stickers with a message for a personalise touch.

Muffin Basket:

Mini-sized muffins in different flavours packaged beautifully in a basket are sure to bring a smile on the face of the receiver. For an added touch, you can even put some Christmas tree cookies and brownies in the basket. Wow! This gift would be a welcome surprise for the Christmas.

Fruit Basket:

A basket full of fresh fruits will be pure delight for the health-conscious foodie. Buy gourmet baskets with a variety of fruits of the season. Instead of a mix fruit basket, you can also opt for a single fruit type. Get it packaged with transparent sheets and ribbons to make it look beautiful in and out. Remember, it is not the fruits that you are packing, it is a token of affection.

Plum Cake Basket:

What’s Christmas without a plum cake? Gourmet baskets with a tree-shaped plum cake and a couple of other goodies such as cookies and some Christmassy decorations make for an ideal gift for every food lover and even for others.

Mixed Basket:

Mix and match chocolates, snacks and other confectionaries to make an ideal collection of goodies for your foodie friend. Arrange them in a reusable woven basket and give it a festive look with red ribbons and wreath labels to add a wow factor to the baskets.

Gourmet baskets are the holiday treat that makes Christmas a memorable affair. However, for food lovers, a kitchen gadget, a baking essential, or anything to do with food is also a great gift. For example, a milk frother is an amazing gift for caffeine addicts, something that is great when you want an authentic latte or mocha. Likewise, flavoured oils can also be gifted or maybe baking trays and moulds are a good idea. They can be wrapped up with accompanying goodies and are a perfect gift for the foodie who prefers strong scents and likes to experiment with different flavours.

Somewhere, all of us are foodies. It is therefore easier to decide gifts that have food as their central theme. Buy gourmet baskets online or buy goodies and make your own basket. Whatever you choose to do, food delights always make for a special gift.

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