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What to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Corporate Gift Basket

Corporate Gifts

It goes without saying that the holiday season is also the gifting season. During this time of the year, people actively indulge in gift shopping and buy thoughtful presents not just for friends and family, but also for colleagues, clients and bosses. Gifting in the corporate world is an important affair. As a part of the marketing mix, it goes a long way in maintaining successful business relationships. Considered as a good gesture, it is also a great way to show appreciation for a good job. However, while it is easier to decide gifts for close ones, it becomes a little difficult when it comes to corporate gifting.

Advantages of Corporate Gifting

In the present global scenario, corporate gifting is no longer a new concept. It has however, evolved to a great extent in the past couple of years because of the kind of advantages it has given to companies in helping them grow their businesses. As these gifts are customised with the company’s logo and tagline, they give a new meaning to the brand — in terms of more recognition, awareness, connect and reach. The entire purpose of corporate gifting is to establish credibility for the brand in the long run through strategic branding.

What to Give

This is the trickiest part of the entire corporate gifting idea. There are so many things to consider before deciding what exactly to buy. The secret lies in giving corporate gifts that have meaning. By investing some time in planning, and eventually buying something that can leave a lasting impression of your brand, you can easily accomplish the objectives of the organisation and at the same time, build a strong connection with your target audience.

For the holiday season, gift baskets make for an ideal present. The key lies in selecting the items carefully and in getting them packaged in an attractive way. Chocolate baskets, fresh fruit baskets, wine baskets, spa baskets or even a gardener’s gift basket are some ideas that you can choose from. A lot also depends on the recipient and the budget. Suppose, if you are thinking of gifting a wine basket to a high-end client, you will surely like to include premium wine or champagne. The same goes for a spa basket. You can also adjust the size of the basket after considering the number of people who may be sharing it.

Tips for Corporate Gifting

If you are stuck with ideas, here are some important tips to consider before you get started.

  1. You should know whom you are buying the gift for. Whether it’s your boss or employee, client or partner. This will give you the basic idea.
  2. Set a budget and try and stick to it.
  3. Think about the preferences of the recipient.
  4. Select something special and meaningful.
  5. Personalise the gift by engraving the name, if possible or by attaching a gift tag with a personal message.

Make the most of the holiday season to spread joy and cheer with well-thought of gifts for people who matter the most for your business. Give them another reason to be happy this season.

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