Foodie Gifts that Impress Foodies

Chinese New Year Gifts

Gourmet specials are very impressive and always catch the appetite of gourmets in a special way. There are many ways in which you could celebrate and capture the impressions of your gourmet loved one who is an ardent foodie. A serious foodie is sure to celebrate your expression through gourmet specials in a very grand way.

Our expertise has been very convincing in proving the best of gourmet lovers to the fullest. Our wide range of gourmet delectable gifts include chocolates, cakes, wines, cheese foodies, snacks, cookies, coffee and tea specials, barbeque specials, junk food baskets, gourmet fruit baskets accompanied by wines or champagnes and more to impress your food lover loved one.

Normally, many of us usually find ourselves in our leisure nest enjoying a lot by having some snacks watching television with our close friends. How cool would we be then? Cheering in front of the television with our friends when there would be a home run by our favorite baseball team! For enjoying such special leisure moments, we bring you exquisite gifts for you.

Even, you can gift your kids who would love chocolates for the unexplainable obvious reasons. Our gourmet gifts can surely hit the bull’s eye, in this case, it is their belly!


For gourmets who are ardent chocolate lovers, we have many varieties of chocolates that can tease their taste buds. Premium chocolate collections from world famous chocolateries like Godiva, Galaxy, Lindt are all bought to set their appetite on fire. Our other chocolate products include designer chocolate truffles washed in intense flavors of milk chocolate and cocoa would an elegant choice for your chocolate lover.

Gift Baskets:

Gift baskets are of course the very first choice for any food lover. For you to gift variegated tastes of elegance, then our gift baskets are your one stop shopping source. Our gift baskets include many different assortments and combinations like chocolates and wines, snacks and truffles and many more for you to impress your gourmet loved one.


Cakes make the moments more irresistible. Our wide range of cake gifts come from expert baker chef houses from across the world. Different flavors all baked with fresh aromas will be delivered to your loved one to convey your best wishes so as to make them dwell in the tastes you gift.

‘Make your wish and then we bake your dish’ is a phrase that can explain our commitment to your expressions. Make your gourmet loved one drool over your gift!

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