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Christmas is the Christian festival that commemorates the birth of Christianity’s center figure, Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This day is celebrated all over the world and is declared civil holiday in many world’s nations. You might have all known the importance and the influence of this festival, Christianity. But many of us ignore the history that backs the first Christmas celebrations. For those who find interest in such ancient timeless pieces of truth, the following article presents a very profound explanation.

The precise birth year of Jesus Christ is not known. But many historians place it in between the 7 and 2 BC. In the early-to-mid 4th century, the Christian Church of the West had first declared that Christmas be celebrated on December 25th of every year. This date was later adopted and followed throughout the world.

I have tried knowing the precise year of celebrating the Christmas first as a nationally recognized holiday. According to the historical records available, Christmas was first celebrated on January 6 according to the old Julian calendar. The day was also observed as an official Roman holiday starting from A.D. 534. And some other historians mark the year 440 as the first year in which Christmas was celebrated. However, we can believe that Christmas was officially celebrated as a festival in the approximate periods of 4-5th century AD.

However, being a bit more understandable will let you assume that since the crucifying of the Christ, the Christmas might have been celebrated. This might have gained popularity by the above mentioned years. Christianity was not earlier accepted in all the countries. It slowly gained popularity and now has a huge following and acceptance. It is all over the world celebrated with grandeur and cheer. In America, Christmas is believed to be celebrated as a national festival only since 1973.

In very primitive times, the Christmas was celebrated by the people in a simple way. They attend the mass on the Christmas Eve at a local church, offer their worship and then have a small feast with their near and dear relatives and friends. But since then, Christmas has evolved into a festival that is grandly celebrated so as to be remembered forever.

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