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Special Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Fathers day gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner and the hunt for a perfect gift is on! For your father, this day could just mean a break from his usual dad duties and an opportunity to relax, but for you, it’s a chance to show your appreciation for your father’s caring, dependable and selfless nature. Apart from spending a whole day with him and participating in any enjoyable activity, you should think of the perfect Father’s Day gifts that will light up his face!

Here are some unique and interesting gift ideas that won’t fail to impress your hero without a cape.

  1. Fitness Watch:


    This is one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for a modern dad. Dads usually own traditional watches, and probably too many of them. So how about you introduce him to the world of smart multifunctional fitness watches. It would help him optimize his time, track his health and would motivate him to work out and stay fit. Fitness watches can track calories burned, speed, distance walked, and even sleep patterns. He can also pair his fitness watch with his smartphone and stay updated with calls and messages.

  3. Beard Trimmer:


    Gone are the days when wired trimmers were a rage. The new cordless ones are rechargeable and can trim both beard and moustache pretty well (and is pretty affordable). A few trimmers also come with a little vacuum built-in that captures all the trimmed hair that your dad usually leaves all over the sink and floor, and wherever else he goes.

  5. Personal care kit/basket:


    Fathers have a busy schedule and they hardly find the time to look in the mirror. With work stress and ageing, it is important to take care of his health and skin care. This is the reason why a personal care basket with grooming and anti-aging products is one of the best Father’s Day gifts. This is the perfect start for him and he’ll be looking younger and relaxed in no time!

  7. Wireless earbuds/earphones:


    If your father enjoys his time in the gym, wireless earbuds would be perfect for him. These earbuds are comfortable and totally stay in your ear even while running or while working out at the gym. They are also rechargeable. It’s a gift of convenience.

  9. Gourmet Goodies:


    A basket of gourmet goodie is perfect for dads who love to munch especially while watching a game. To keep their snacking healthy, this year, a gourmet basket containing nuts or fresh fruits is one of the best Father’s day gift ideas. It could also contain cookies and cakes and everything else that your father enjoys munching on.

  11. Whisky:


    If your dad enjoys a drink or two every now and then and is a connoisseur of malts or a good whisky, surprise him with the finest blend of his life as a Father’s Day gift and if you are of the legal age, join him too.


You can give any of the gifts above and don't forget to write a beautiful quote along with the gift you choose to make them feel Special.

These ideas will hopefully help you make your father’s special day a bit more special. Whatever you decide to gift him, make sure you pack it with a handwritten note, telling him how much he means to you.Giftsnideas guarantees quick and prompt Father’s Day gifts delivery in 184 countries. Avail of our best sellers, new arrivals and cool deals too, each of which are sorted country-wise, so it is easier for you to choose the very best for your father, the man who has influenced and shaped your life the most.


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