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Easter Gifting In UK

Easter is the festival of the Christians, where people around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the death. Easter dates changes every year as it falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon that occurs on or after the Vernal (Spring) Equinox (March 21) - the Paschal Full Moon. The homes of people are also decorated with Easter decorations.Easter eggs as gift

Different types of Gifts given on Easter

There are some other gifts, given during Easter

  • Easter Candle Gifts
  • Easter Mugs or Novelty Mugs/Baskets
  • Decorated Berry Baskets
  • Dyeing Eggs, Glittered Eggs or Easter Egg Tree,
  • Easter Flower centerpieces and Easter lilies, Flowered Easter Baskets and Easter Orchid Plants.
  • Easter Stuffed Toys
  • Easter Gift baskets and hampers
  • Easter Fruits and fudge

The Easter Bunny gifts

The hare and rabbit are symbols of fertility and new life in many cultures, particularly during Springtime in the UK. The bunny's association with Easter seems to have its origins in Germany in the 1500s. The Easter bunny gifts, chocolate bunnies, are also popular gifts during Easter.

Easter eggs gifts

The Easter egg has also been associated with fertility and has been a major part of Easter celebrations, for a long time. Easter eggs were painted in bright colours to celebrate spring were used in Easter egg-rolling contests. Christians in the UK, adopted this to represent their Saviour's resurrection.

These colored, or painted, dyed eggs are also given as gifts.

The Easter egg hunt in UK is celebrated with coloured or chocolate Easter eggs, which are hidden for children to find. The decorated eggs are given or sent as gifts to the loved ones.

Easter gift Baskets and Hampers

In the UK, Easter Gift baskets are filled with biscuits, cakes, buns and taken for Easter dinner and to mass to be blessed. This act implies the bringing of the first crops and seedlings to the temple to insure a good growing season. Easter gift baskets are filled with hand-made heart-shaped chocolate truffles, honey with almonds and popular luxury nut mix, and Easter Hampers are given as gifts.

Easter Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are exchanged during Easter in the UK. Easter e-cards are also one of the best ways to wish Easter greetings. Easter cards express our feelings and sends our warm wishes even if not present in person.

Facts about Easter

  • In the UK, Every year as Easter approaches, the shops are filled with chocolate eggs, egg-colouring kits, stuffed, real and chocolate bunnies of all types, and baskets for carrying all of this Easter bounty.
  • In UK, Easter is the central festival of the Christian church and, after the Sabbath, it is the oldest Christian observance.
  • The Easter Bunny has been around longer than Christianity.
  • In some countries, Good Friday and the Monday after Easter are national holidays.
  • In UK, On Easter Day, lamb is roasted and served, which is traditionally associated with spring in many European cultures.
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