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Easy DIY Guide For Gourmet Gift Baskets

Easy DIY Guide For Gourmet Gift Baskets

They say food is the best way to a person’s heart. From birthdays and anniversaries to a house warming party, there’s nothing like a gourmet gift basket. These gift baskets have something for everyone. Gourmet baskets can be filled with sweet indulgences, savory treats or a mix of both. Today, there are a number of websites where you can check out gift basket delivery options. You can choose to send gift baskets anywhere in the world. But sometimes, despite their convenience, you may want something different from online gifts. Here are a few tips on how you can create your own gourmet gift baskets.

Pick a theme

The first step to creating your own gourmet gift basket is to pick a theme. Does the person you’re gifting this basket to have a sweet tooth? A dessert basket would be perfect for them. Put together indulgent desserts like cakes, cookies, chocolates, hot chocolate mixes, peppermints and more to make a basket they will be delighted to receive. On the other hand, if the person is a diabetic, you don’t want to go down the sweet route. A basket with tea time biscuits, dried fruits and popcorn would be a better idea here.

Match the basket to the occasion

Not all gourmet baskets are created equally. The perfect gift basket isn’t just matched to the recipient’s tastes; it’s matched to their needs as well. Say you’re going to see a niece who’s just moved away from home to a college dorm. For her, the ideal gift basket would be one that contains her favourite foods that taste of home. You could do a sweet and savory mix of cookies, cakes, tea time snacks, juices, etc. On the other hand, if you’re putting together a gourmet basket to welcome a new neighbor, their needs would be slightly different. For this basket, everyday foods like a loaf of good bread, jams and spreads, condiments and cookies would be perfect.

Make age appropriate baskets

From children to adults, everyone loves a good gourmet gift basket. All you need to be careful about is that your basket is age appropriate. Children wouldn’t appreciate fancy popcorn; they would be more excited about cookies and chocolates. For young adults who’ve just graduated from college, the perfect gift basket should have a bottle of champagne, cheese and crackers. Similarly, a new mother wouldn’t be too excited about receiving cakes; she might appreciate ready to eat foods that make her life with the small baby more convenient. For elderly people, when you create a gift basket, you will need to ensure that all the elements in it are suitable to their diet and are easy to chew.


Since you’re opting out of online gift delivery, you are in control of how the basket is packed. In addition to the gourmet foods you can also include a few accessories. How about a pair of chopsticks for the basket of Chinese goodies or a small photo frame for a basket you’re gifting a new mother? You can also play around with how your basket is packed. For example, you could pack your housewarming gift in a watering can for your new neighbours. The possibilities are endless!

Making your own gourmet gift basket isn’t difficult and can be personalized to cater to the recipient’s likes. But, it does take time and effort. So, before you start, it might be a good idea to browse through online gourmet gift basket options and see if there’s something that catches your eye.

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