Tips To Decorate A Christmas Cake Easily

Tips To Decorate A Christmas Cake Easily

Everyone wants to bake a Christmas cake that simply wows the guests when it is served to them. But, often, it is not the baking that is a challenging task. It is usually the décor that gets tricky.

However, there are some simple techniques that you can use to take your Christmas cake decorations to an all-new level. In this article, we will have a look at some extremely easy and effective ideas in which you can adorn your Christmas cake so that it not just tastes delightful but also looks stunning when kept at the dinner table.

  1. Winter Woodland Christmas Cake

    One of the better ways to decorate your Christmas cake is by using beautiful pine cones. This will help to create a pretty winter scene. Make sure to clean the pine cones carefully before using them. You can spray them with bright spray paints. Alternatively, you can also use a non-toxic emulsion paint. Finally, tie a Christmas-themed ribbon around the cake’s base and secure it with a little icing sugar mixed with water to act as glue.

  2. Gingerbread Men Christmas Cake

    This is a great way of decorating your Christmas cake, especially if you have kids coming over. Make some icing and smooth it over the cake by using a spatula. You don’t need to be very precise as that will help you create a snow-type effect. Take a ribbon and wrap it around the sides of the cake. You can secure the ribbon by using a little icing sugar mixed with water to serve as glue. Now you can stick chocolate shapes to the ribbon. Or, you can also use candy canes and chocolate gingerbread men. Sprinkle the cake top with edible snowball decorations.

  3. Chocolate Box Christmas Cake

    This Christmas cake décor idea could not be easier. Also, this idea will especially stand out if you have baked a chocolate cake. Take a box full of chocolates and arrange them around the base of the cake. You can use delicious truffles, candied oranges, ginger dipped in chocolate and a handful of nuts to get the desired effect. You can even work on some icing stars to decorate it further.

  4. Fruit and Nut Christmas Cake

    If you want to keep your Christmas cake simple, you can go for some glazed nuts on top. Slather a generous amount of apricot jam followed by arranging rows of Brazil nuts and pecans in stripes across the cake top. You can also go for some dried cranberries to enhance the cake’s look. Use a pastry brush to again glaze the top with jam for a shiny look.

  5. Marzipan Snowflake Christmas Cake

    You can skip frosting your cake by simply topping it with a layer of marzipan. Make use of a snowflake cutter to cut our marzipan stars and finally place them on top of the marzipan layer. You can stick the stars using a little water. Use a blowtorch to pull out the snowflake edges and decorate the top with eatable glitter.

    All these are some easy and effective ways of giving your simple Christmas cake a beautiful makeover. You can also send these lovely and beautifully decorated cakes to your loved ones. If you opt for Christmas gift delivery online, pair it with these mind-blowing cakes to dazzle your friends and family with your amazing décor skills. This will surely bring a wide smile to their face.

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