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  • The Different Kinds Of Cookies You Can Gift On Your Sister's Birthday

The Different Kinds Of Cookies You Can Gift On Your Sister's Birthday

The Different Kinds Of Cookies You Can Gift On Your Sister's Birthday

Birthdays and cookies are the perfect combinations. And, when it is your sister’s birthday, nothing less than the best will work for her. Sisters can be annoying, but they can also be your biggest support. Sisters deserve to have their birthdays turned into extra special occasions. When it is your sister’s birthday, you need to go all the way to make sure it is everything she has ever dreamed of. So ditch the cake, because that is so regular. Instead, go down the cookie route and give her some of the most delicious desserts ever.

Chocolate chip cookies:

The ultimate cookie is the chocolate chip cookie. Filled with decadent, almost melting chocolate chips, these cookies are the perfect birthday gift. The cookie base for this is simple, vanilla dough. The key lies in the type of chocolate chips you use in the dough. Make sure they are slightly bigger so you can actually bite into them when biting into the cookie.

Macadamia cookies:

Macadamia nuts are delicious, and when paired with white chocolate, they make the perfect combination in a cookie. Macadamia cookies need to be made with the right proportion of nuts, white chocolate chips, and dough. This ration needs to be just perfect so the cookies don’t have too much or too little.

Red velvet cookies:

After the red velvet cake, red velvet cookies have become quite popular. Most red velvet cookies contain either white chocolate chips or dollops of sweetened cream cheese. For cookies with cream cheese, it is usually placed inside the cookie dough and then baked. Chocolate chips can simply be mixed with the dough and then, the cookie can be baked.

Double chocolate cookies:

If your sister loves chocolate, then the double chocolate cookies are exactly what she needs for her birthday. Chocolate cookie dough, with extra chocolate chips, melted into gooey goodness makes the perfect cookie. If you order a cookie gift basket online with these particular cookies, you can rest be assured that your sister will love you forever.

Sugar cookies:

For the sister with a simple sweet tooth, sugar cookies are the best. The beauty of sugar cookies is that the dough is easy to make and you can even make it at home. If you like baking, you should try your hand at this. Your sister would be incredibly happy to get a cookie basket filled with cookies you made.

Oatmeal raisin cookies:

For the birthday of a health-conscious sister, you can send cookies that are both delicious and healthy. There is only one cookie that checks both boxes: the oatmeal raisin cookie. This particular cookie is not for everyone. It is for those who have an acquired taste for oatmeal and raisins both, so make sure you know if your sister likes it or not.


Brookies are amazing, to put it mildly. Brookies are a combination of brownies and cookies, which is the ultimate best combination of flavors. This means that your cookie will be delicious like a brownie but soft enough to be a good cookie. Brookies require special dough, so the best way to get delicious brookies is by asking a baker to make them for you.

With the ultimate list of cookies for your sister’s birthday, it might be time to start planning to buy her a gift along with her gift of cookies. After all, she is your sister and deserves the best birthday celebration. Near or far, you can always make this day special for her.

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