All Types of Cookies Used For Gifting

Cookies Gifts

Cookies are baked or cooked food items that are generally small, flat and sweet.  Everyone loves cookies and that’s why they are considered as the gift for all occasions. Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a biscuit and a cookie? It’s just the ingredients and flavors as compared to biscuits. There are many types of cookies to gift everyone. They range from chocolate chip to salted caramel cashew-based on your taste preferences. Depending upon the cookies we choose some of them are healthy made with fruits like Banana, Apple, strawberries, etc. We can order some cookies online of different varieties.

Made with Banana and Oatmeal :

Oatmeal is rich in antioxidants, fiber and can help with losing weight as they can lower cholesterol levels. Bananas are rich sources of vitamin c and can help with numerous health benefits like blood pressure, skin health, improve the digestive system. So, these can be gifted to your health-conscious friend or your grandparents to make them feel thankful.

With Butterfingers :

 These delicious Butterfinger Cookies are crispy, chewy, kinda peanuty and are filled with butter finger chunks on the top. These could be a favorite item for Butterfinger Lovers. It can also be sent to persons who love nuts.

With Chocolate Chips :

These are all people favorite, simple to bake and eat. Carrying the chocolate taste these are a perfect gift for outdoor picnics. These cookies can be cooked easily at home also. You can add granulated sugar or Brown sugar. These are liked by kids more as they contain chocolate chips.

Christmas Cookies :

When it comes to Christmas decorating cookies with sprinkles or frostings. You can order a Christmas tree shape, star-shaped, a pinwheel cookie or a Gingerbread Man Cookie on the occasion of the Special Eve. It could be one of the best presents you can gift someone.

Belgian Chocolate Dipped Oreo :

These Oreo cookies are covered with Belgian Milk and Dark chocolates. If you want to make someone smile, order from for gourmet masterpieces which are decorated with smile candies and yellow drizzles. We deliver them in an elegant gift box, and you can add a personalized Gift card which makes the gift perfect and the bond closer.

With Coconut Cream and Cheese :

These Cookies are soft, rich and packed with coconut. These could be a seasonal item and only for those who like the taste of coconut. These are healthy when almonds are added and bring the extra nutty flavor. You can add a cuddly bear with these baskets of cookies and send it to your girlfriend on valentines’ day.

If you place these cookies and muffins in some containers it can spoil the taste of these items. So, a perfectly designed tin would be lovely to keep in your kitchen with a dozen assorted flavors. Satisfy your loved ones craving with all types of cookies. Order online a basket of cookies, send them to the doorstep of the recipient based on their taste and surprise them irrespective of the occasion.

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