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  • Make Christmas special for your employees with these gift baskets

Make Christmas special for your employees with these gift baskets

Make Christmas special for your employees with these gift baskets

Christmas is that time of the year when friends and family get together to celebrate life, feel grateful and exchange warm wishes and of course gifts. However, Christmas is also a time to make your employees feel valued and appreciated, as they work tirelessly round the year to bring success to your organisation. So, if you are looking for unique corporate gifts, here are some ideas that will surely impress your employees and melt their hearts. Gift baskets are always a grand gesture and they are easily available online today. All you have to do is explore some reputed gift delivery websites and place orders with a few clicks. Now, here’s a look at what kind of gift baskets you can choose for your employees.

Chocolate baskets

It is probably impossible to find someone who can say no to chocolates, especially branded or gourmet ones. So, a big basket full of chocolates from premium brands will surely thrill the recipient. From dark and milk chocolates to ones with coconut, peanut butter, nuts, or caramel, a basket can be composed of a variety of flavours. You might also find hampers that contain chocolate coated strawberries or bite-size cheesecakes. Chocolate coated cookies, crackers, chocolate fudge or wafers, and chocolate spreads might also be included in some.

Gourmet baskets

These baskets make for lavish gifts too, and usually comprise of chocolates, cookies, nut brittles, pretzels, cupcakes, popcorn, flavoured cheeses and even salamis or sausages. You can either go for a sweet basket or a savoury one, depending on your budget and what you think might appeal to your employees the most. Some special cheese hampers might feature a cheeseboard and knife as well. Or, you might want to go for baskets that include delicious dried fruits, jams, sauces and salsa.

Coffee or tea baskets

A hot cup of flavourful and aromatic tea or coffee can make Christmas so much more special. So, why not gift a basket that contains different kinds of tea or coffee blends, along with mugs, wafers, and cookies? Teas can come in delectable flavours like jasmine, green, black to fruity, minty and spicy. And coffee blends can range from latte and cappuccino to hazelnut, French vanilla and more. There will be something for everyone when your employees take these baskets home.

Fresh fruit baskets

With more and more professionals becoming health-conscious these days, gifting a big basket of fruits is a wonderful idea. These baskets can consist of fresh and tasty fruits like apples, pears, bananas, oranges, grapes and even pineapples, depending on the availability. Exotic fruits like kiwis, green apples, and berries might be included too. Some baskets might combine fruits with delicacies and snacks like cheese straws, cookies, nuts or even chocolates.

Finding unique corporate gifts like gift baskets for a memorable Christmas is simple nowadays, with quite a few online stores ensuring hassle-free ordering and delivery. Moreover, beautiful packaging with colourful ribbons and bows add to the appeal of these baskets, and will instantly spread cheer in your office.

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