International Christmas Traditions

Happy X-mas

Christmas celebrated throughout the globe

Billions of people celebrate Christmas throughout the globe as a holiday season.The Christmas celebration is declared as a worldwide holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in most cultures. In the 4th century, the Western Christian Church-all of the people who are Christians-declared December 25th Christmas Day, although historians and scholars do not know when Jesus was actually born. In some countries, including Ethiopia, Serbia and Ukraine, Christmas celebrations happen on January 7th, which is caused by differences in the Gregorian and Julian calendars. Different people have different ways in which Christmas celebrated throughout the globe.

Christmas celebrations in USA

In the United States, Christmas celebrations are on December 25th. Some of the most popular traditions in the United States include Christmas stockings and trees. People hang stockings over the fireplace, and place gifts in them. The Christmas tree represents the spirit of Christmas and people hang ornaments, lights and other forms of decorations on their trees.You can check the many best Christmas Gifts to USA

Christmas celebrations in Italy

In Italy, Christmas celebrations occur from December 17th to January 6th. Children open their presents on January 6th after the Epiphany. Italian families also enjoy a Christmas tree, although they call it a wishing tree. People write their wishes on slips of paper and place them on the tree.

Christmas celebrations in Brazil

The Brazilian Christmas involves outdoor trees with lights and homes decorated with fresh flowers. The Brazilian people also celebrate the season with the Ceia de Natal or Christmas turkey feast. People serve the feast after the midnight Mass celebrated at their Catholic church.

Christmas celebrations in Canada

The Christmas celebrations by the French Canadians say "Joyeux Noel" while English Canadians say "Merry Christmas." The first Thursday in December is celebrated with a lot of pomp and fun.In addition, Canadian carolers sing for two weeks before the holiday and French Canadian families enjoy tourtiore-a meat pie-on Christmas Eve.

Christmas celebrations in China

Christmas is celebrated throughout China by the younger generation.Young women dress as Santa Claus and businesses decorate their storefronts to attract shoppers. In addition, many people decorate their homes with Christmas trees and so on.

Christmas celebrations in Germany

In Germany, children place boots outside their doors so that Nikolaus can leave them gifts. Children spend time cleaning the boots the night before Christmas. Families make many decorative items on their own from natural materials, including straw and wood. In several parts of Germany Christmas is also known as: Das Christkind, or the "Christ-child" brings gifts.

Christmas celebrations in Japan

In Japanese culture, families celebrate Christmas with trees and bright decorations. Japanese families enjoy large holiday feasts and exchange gifts. The priest Hoteiosho represents Japan's Santa Claus; he brings gifts for children and adults, telling children to act their best when he makes an appearance. Families also decorate a pine tree to celebrate the holiday season.

Christmas celebrations in UK

In the United Kingdom, people recognize Santa Claus as "Father Christmas".Families decorate their homes with Christmas trees, toy soldiers and Christmas crackers. People usually place the Christmas cracker, an item that makes a loud noise, on the table during the family feast. People open them and find candy, a small toy and a hat.

Christmas celebrations in Australia

In Australia, people celebrate Christmas during the summer season. Australians decorate their homes with the Christmas bush and bells, two popular plants in the country. Families participate in a number of water games to celebrate the season. Christmas pudding, turkey and seafood are popular meal items to celebrate the holiday.

Christmas celebrations in Denmark

Danes Christmas celebrations include producing a large number of Christmas trees for European households. Danish families attend a Christmas Eve service, which has become more popular. Nisse, the Danish elf, lies in farmhouses and plays practical jokes on people during the season. For dinner, Danish families enjoy caramelized potatoes, rice pudding and duck, to name a few.

These are the few countries and the ways in which the best Christmas gifts are given and Christmas is celebrated throughout the globe.

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