Top Christmas Gifts For A New Couple

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It goes without saying that Christmas time is fun time. People of all ages celebrate this festival with cheer and fervour. This occasion becomes all the more special because you give and get gifts, and exchange of gifts is important because it is one of the ways through which you express your care and love to your friends and family.

If you have a newly-wed couple in your list of recipients this year, you need to think of a really special gift to make their first Christmas as a husband and wife memorable. The secret to buying a fabulous gift does not lie in spending a lot of money, but it lies in thoughts. If you take out time to understand the couple, their interests and their requirements, you will surely end up gifting them something that they will be happy to receive. The challenge here is that you need to think simultaneously for two individuals and decide upon a gift that appeals to both.

Here's a list of ideas to help you with your Christmas gifting plans to a newly-wed couple.

Personalised Photo Cushions:

Select a picture of the lovely couple and get it printed on soft cushions. You can also try a collage, using a mix of photos. This could also make for a great décor item. There is a range of customised pillows available on online gift shops too.

Canvases with Quotes on Them:

For a newly-wed couple, a canvas with meaningful words on them can beautifully reflect the beginning of a new relationship. The words could be from a poem or the lyrics of a song. The canvas would serve as an artwork to adorn the walls.

Christmas Cooking Gifts:

Setting up the kitchen in a new home is indeed a big challenge. There are so many things that are needed to prepare various dishes. Take Christmas as an opportunity to gift something useful to the couple. From super handy gadgets to tools for baking, kitchen items are always a good choice for Christmas gifting. You can also pair up the gift with a good cookbook.

Gift Baskets:

Gift baskets containing chocolates of different flavours, or snacks like cheese, biscuits, crisps and salamis are always a good idea and something that a couple will love. You can also choose a gift basket containing different tea or coffee blends, or maybe a couple’s spa gift hamper can do the trick!  

Something Handmade:

A handmade gift is always the best way to express your affection to the recipient and because this occasion is Christmas, you can easily make it more memorable for the newly-wed by gifting them something cute to commemorate their first celebration together. A pair of red or white stockings with their last names, embroidered napkins, a beautifully designed Christmas card, or handmade candles, blankets or quilts can make for some great ideas.

The first Christmas together as husband and wife is a special one, meant to be remembered forever. By selecting the right gift, you can contribute to their happiness in your own way. Make the occasion special for them with these gift ideas.

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