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Christmas Gifting Culture

Christmas Gifting Culture

Christmas GiftsAmerican families have developed numerous family-specific traditions for spending Christmas holidays with grandparents or aunts house. During the Christmas holiday season gifts are exchanged. There are firm family Christmas traditions for timing for exchanging and opening gifts. In some families, late-night Christmas Eve is the preferred time.

For family members and close friends and relatives people choose gifts with lot of love and care and start shopping for them right after Thanksgiving.

Personal gifts range from gadgets, apparel, jewelry, watches, and crockery to gourmet food and wine. Personalized christmas art and craft gifts have been quite popular in recent years

Families who attend midnight services at church open their Christmas gifts when they come home in the wee hours of Christmas morning. Many families open Christmas gifts in their robes and slippers on Christmas morning.

Christmas Santa Craft Gifts For business associates gifts such as items for the office, liquor or wine are given. Business gifts are normally without any religious connotations, as people may be celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanzaa instead of Christmas.

Christmas Gift Giving History

In ancient Rome people exchanged gifts on New Year's Day as means of saying "Happy New Year" which ranged from jewelry, pieces of gold and silver, pastries, cookies and candies.

When people learned of Three Wise Men who came from the Orient to present gifts to the newborn King from the Apostles, custom was slightly changed. The exchanging of gifts remained but done in imitation of the Three Holy Kings.

The Dutch who settled in New York brought the christmas tradition of annually reappearing Sinter Klaas or Saint Nicholas who finally became the Santa Claus. He rode the reindeer sleigh and entered the house through the chimney and filled the Christmas stockings hung by children with Christmas gifts.

Christmas gift giving and charity

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Giving to others or charity is an important part of Christmas. It is the time parents can teach children the joy of giving. Communities across America collect food and gifts for the needy. Schools and church groups arrange visits to nursing homes, where they sing familiar Christmas songs, and bring small gifts for the patients.

Toy collections across the nation receive tons of donations for children in need, orphanages and hospitals. Children learn the meaning of giving by shopping with parents for a toy for a child they don't know.

In America, nearly every celebrates Christmas in some form or another. That means millions of gifts are exchanges by families, friends, neighbors and everyone else. There are many gifts that have become traditional and standard over the years and here are just a few of those items.


One of the most popular forms within the Christmas gifting culture is the standard Christmas card. In America, people often send a picture or a collage of pictures of their family as their Christmas card. Sometimes, they also send a letter updating friends and relatives on what they have done in the past year. Christmas cards are a great way for acquaintances to keep in touch at least once a year, even if they do not generally speak much between Christmases.

Gift Baskets

When you don't know what to get for a work associate, a friend, or even a family member, your Christmas gifts might include some sort of gift basket. Today, there are so many gifts baskets from which to choose that finding the right one can even get a little overwhelming. You can send a fruit or candy basket, a basket of flowers, or even something more specialized like a coffee basket, a spa basket or a basket of any other theme you can imagine. These baskets are a great way to tell someone you are thinking of them without spending a lot of time shopping for the right gift.


Another one of the Christmas gifts that Americans give are simply decorations. They might give a wreath, a small tree, a plant, snowman decorations or many other items. These decorations might be plain or they could be personalized with a family name painted on them. Some are even homemade. Decorations are easy gifts to give because they are used by almost anyone.


Most families in America have the tradition of making their favorite Christmas cookies. Some families even make enough of them to spread the wealth and pass them out to friends, neighbors, classmates and others. Christmas cookies come in all shapes and sizes. The only thing that makes them special is that they are likely only made and distributed once a year.

Other Christmas related items

When Christmas gifting USA, it is also easy for people to give items like Christmas CDs or DVDs or other items that are related to Christmas. These things are items families use around the holidays, but they are generic enough that they are something any family can and will likely enjoy.

If you are looking for Christmas gifts that fit the American culture, the above items are some of the favorites that people in the USA have used over the years. The Christmas cultural gifts and ideas come from many years of gift exchanges and many different cultural traditions. Choose one or more and use them as your gifts this year and then next year, you can pick a different one. Sometimes, if your list gets too long, it is simply too hard to choose an exact present for everyone on the list. These Christmas gifts might be more standard, but they are still appreciated and well received.

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