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How To Choose a Get Well Gift Basket For Your Boss

How To Choose a Get Well Gift Basket For Your Boss

Falling sick is the worst. It becomes a time when you are in bed, and you don’t have the energy to get up and do anything. But staying in bed all day is boring. So when someone falls sick, they need all the help they can get in making the sick days pass by easily. If your boss is out of the office sick, it might time to send him or her gift basket. This is because a gift basket can make this period of sickness infinitely easier to bear. A good gift basket contains goodies that make the other person feel better, so here is how you can put together the mother of all get-well soon gift baskets.

Aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy oils or candles can be really helpful. Sick people are asked to stay in a bed all day, so they usually end up spending the entire time in one single room. This can get boring and monotonous. This is why an aromatherapy candle can really liven up the room, thereby livening up their atmosphere. Aromatherapy oils are also a great addition to the gift basket because an oil diffuser can be turned on after adding the oil to keep the room smelling nice all day long.

A blanket

A cozy blanket can make all the difference when you have to lie in bed all day long. A fleece blanket can help the person you are sending the gift basket to. This is especially helpful during the flu season when the atmosphere is code and getting cozy is the only way to rest.

Tea box

Hot tea really helps clear out the internal system and also placate the stomach. This is why different herbal teas are recommended for different maladies. Adding an assorted tea box to the basket can help your boss recover faster with all the fluids going into their bodies. You can also add a tea steeper and a mug with a fun quote to brighten up their day.

Fuzzy socks

One of the best get-well gifts is fuzzy socks. When you are sick, you want to be as comfortable as possible. So whether your boss is male or female, fuzzy socks will always be appreciated. A pair of fun fuzzy socks can really keep them in bed all day, without any complaints. These days, you can also get moisturizing socks that double as comfortable socks, so those make a great gift.

Handheld massager

What can you do when you ache all over? Well, you need a massage. So for anyone who is sick, a massage is necessary. But it’s not always possible to go to a spa or call a masseuse. Therefore, a handheld massager is a great gift to add to the get well soon basket for your boss. You can find one that uses batteries so that it is easy to operate and the batteries are easy to replace. You can also look at different types of shoulder massagers that can just be placed on the shoulder and turned on.

The list of get-well soon gifts are never-ending. However, this particular list can help you curate the perfect gift basket for your boss. Your boss will surely appreciate you doing this for them because it is not easy to spend days at home missing work and missing being under the protective care of your family and loved ones. So, the next time your boss has symptoms of the cold, flu or fever, you know what to do to cheer them up.

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