Send Chocolate Gifts Internationally

Chocolate gifts

Chocolates are one of the most loved and preferred gifts and is universally accepted by people of all ages and cultures. By gifting chocolates to a fond chocolate lover, you can definitely expect a smile on their face. Chocolate gifts can be given to your close ones on any auspicious occasion like an anniversary, birthday, graduation day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. These scrumptious chocolate gifts also come in various shapes and sizes.

Chocolate as a mode of expression

Chocolates can easily be gifted to express your feelings. Be it the emotion of happiness or celebration, you can send chocolates to someone you care for and make a lasting impression. Whenever you plan on sending chocolate gifts to someone, make sure that you send different flavours or types of chocolates, especially when you are not sure about their taste and liking.

A lot of online gifting websites are available for you to send chocolates to your loved ones anywhere in the world. You also get to choose from different varieties of chocolates, and it will get delivered at the desired time and date. As far as packaging and presentation is concerned, you can get the chocolates wrapped in silk ribbons, bows or coloured papers, adding a special note along with the package. Now, take a deep dive into the different types of chocolates, so that it'll be easy for you to send the right ones to your loved ones.

White chocolates

White chocolates are prepared by mixing cocoa butter and vanilla with milk. It appears in shades of off-white in most cases. White chocolates are quite liked by kids and elders. It is a rich and mild flavoured chocolate and can be gifted to people with hearty wishes for their health.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolates usually contain 10% to 20 % of cocoa and cocoa butter and 12% to 15% of milk solids. This scrumptious chocolate exudes sweetness and love. You can gift milk chocolates when you are not sure about the recipient’s exact taste but want to send something yum.

Dark chocolate

In this category, you can either pick sweetened dark chocolate or unsweetened dark chocolate with about 10% to 12% of milk solids. Dark chocolates are very luscious in texture. These soft chocolates are very delicious and contain lesser fat compared to the other types. These are especially great if you are sending them as gifts to your parents or grandparents.

Semi-sweet chocolate

Semi-sweet chocolates have a mildly sweet and pleasant flavour. These chocolates contain about 40% to 60% of cocoa solids. These chocolates are perfect for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

Bittersweet chocolate

These chocolate usually contain 35% cocoa solids on an average. You may also find some variants with a higher cocoa content too. Chocolates with higher cocoa content and lesser sugar content have a rich, strong and bitter flavour.

So, send chocolates to your best friend on her birthday, to that cousin you haven’t met in a while on his promotion, or to your parents on their 25th anniversary! These sinfully sweet treats will make every event extra memorable.

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