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Types of Cakes You Can Gift Your Client On Christmas

Types of Cakes You Can Gift Your Client On Christmas

Cake is something everybody enjoys, after all who doesn’t like to be rewarded with something sweet that can satisfy their sweet tooth? Cakes are one of those items that can be easily gifted to anyone to make them feel special. The heavenly flavour of cakes works for all and can bring a wide smile on the face of anyone.

Whiles cakes are excellent for gifting to your near and dear ones, these also work great for corporate gifting. You canfind an extensive range of options in cakes that can be bought for gifting to your clients on occasions such as Christmas.

The choice available in cakes is simply stupendous. From simple sponge cakes to the very fancy fondant ones, you can find so many different types of cakes in the market today. So, if you are looking for unique corporate gifts, this is one of the better options that you can opt for. You can easily find many good and reliable online websites that also cater to same day cake delivery options.

Here are basic types of cake categories that you can explore to find the most suitable option.

  1. Eggless Cakes
  2. Many people, especially vegetarian food eaters, do not prefer egg in cake. So, if you are looking to gift these people, you explore the options available in eggless cakes. The best part about these type of cakes is that there is hardly any difference in taste. Many of you have the perception that eggless cakes do not taste as good or are not that soft in texture. But this is not true. In fact, many flavours come out brilliantly in eggless options in comparison to what they taste in the egg counterparts.

  3. Designer Cakes
  4. You can find a huge range in designer cakes that are made with stunning icing or fondant sugar. These cakes look extremely pretty. You can easily get anything at all made on top of them to decorate it in the way you want. Designer cakes decorated with nuts, chocolate truffles, wafers and much more can be found in the market. For corporate gifting, you can even get your company’s brand name or logo made with fondant on top of the cake.

  5. Corporate Cupcakes
  6. These are definitely a fantastic way to impress your clients. There is a huge range of customization options that will allow you to create a unique cupcake for your business needs. There is no better way to launch a new product or appreciate your clients or staff than with some delish cupcakes with your corporate logo and marketing slogan.

  7. Photograph Cakes
  8. These type of cakes are also quite fascinating. On these cakes, you can print an edible picture of absolutely anything on top of the cake that looks absolutely stunning. This is another great idea for corporate gifting as you can easily get your company’s brand logo printed.

For getting this type of cake, all you have to do is give a picture to the cake company that you want to get printed. These type of cakes look extremely personal and make for a great gifting option. It must be noted that these types of cakes fall slightly expensive. So, only go for it if the budget allows.

So, this is a roundup of the best cake types that you can go for. To get your corporate gifts online, you can browse through different cake websites and place any order without any hassle.

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