Boss’s Day Gifts Which Are Worthy!

Bosses Gifts

Most employees all over the world have a bittersweet relationship with their bosses. Your boss can be real nice one day and cranky or angry the next. But that is what professional life is all about, and not every road can be smooth! But why pass up on an opportunity to show your boss how much you appreciate and respect him or her? After all, your boss is your mentor, guide and a friend as well. So, gear up for the 16th of October or Boss's Day with a number of cool gift ideas! Rest assured that your boss will cherish each one of them.

Keep it classy with flowers

Flowers never go out of style, when it comes to gifting. So, a big bunch of multicoloured gerbera daisies, or pink Asiatic lilies or yellow tulips can be a very good idea. You can also gift a bouquet of pink and yellow carnations, sunflowers, or a mixed arrangement of roses, sunflowers, carnations and daisies. A bunch of orchids is also a great idea. Flowers, with their lively colours and sweet fragrances can impress the meanest boss in seconds.

How about something sweet?

A stylish box of gourmet chocolate, cookies or sweets can be a wonderful gesture on Boss’s Day and sweeten your relationship too. If you know your boss’s favourite brand, do try and gift those. You can also go for a basket that mixes up different flavours like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, nougat, caramel, nuts, coconut and more.

Does your boss love caffeine?

If your boss has the habit of drinking endless cups of tea or coffee throughout the day, a gourmet coffee or tea basket can be a fabulous gift. A coffee basket might combine premium blends to prepare a delicious cup of latte, espresso, macchiato or cappuccino. Or you can go for a tea basket that comprises of variants like oolong, green tea, black tea, yellow tea and flavoured types like ginger tea or chamomile tea. These baskets often come with stylish mugs too, which will only impress your boss more.

Gift something healthy

A big basket of fresh seasonal fruits is the best gift for a boss who is passionate about working out or eating healthy. These baskets usually come with apples, pears, bananas, oranges and grapes. Your boss can gorge without guilt on these when the hunger pangs strike.

Spa essentials for the stressed boss

Another great idea is to gift a spa gift basket if your boss is always stressed or anxious. You can give her a stylish looking set which comprises of bath salts, spa lotions, fragrant oils, shampoos and candles for a great spa session. An elegant box of herbal soaps or scents can also be a nice gesture.

For the foodie boss

If your boss is someone who is constantly looking for great places to eat or likes to ask who has got what for lunch, gift him or her a large basket of savoury treats like chips, nachos, salted nuts, pretzels, flavoured salamis, and sausages. Some baskets focus on a variety of cheeses and this can make your boss happy too!

So, choose something that your boss will really love and show him or her that you care! A simple gift can go a long way to strengthen the professional relationship you have with your supervisor, and make your career a more promising one.

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