Best Science Gifts for Kids

science gifts for kids

Once a year I make sure that I give each of my grandchildren science gifts. You may ask why. Being a former gifted reading teacher, I know how important it is to give a gift that is fun, keeps children's interest live and at the same time stimulates their mind.

Some people I know hesitate to choose a gift of science and learning for others' children because they don't want to disappoint those special little kids of their friends. They give money to the parents and let them pick out the presents. To me that is giving away all the fun!

They are surprised that I love to go shopping and gift wrap all the gifts. For me, that is part of being a grandmother. And I loved doing it when my own kids were still living at home. Heck, I love getting them gifts now that they are adults.

So, Madeline, how do you know what to get?

At first I was surprised at the question and then wondered if I should give away two of my secret weapons! Well, OK, they are my friends.

My grandchildren are always excited to open up their gifts because they know that I get them what they want. I have two secret weapons. One is I ask them what interests them the most? What do they like to do most in their lives? By giving a gift that matches their personality, hobbies and interests, the gift is accepted with delight and your child feels very special.

The next secret weapon is the easiest....

Next, they take turns going through the catalogs, circle what they want and write their initial within the circle.

Easy and effective!

One year one grandson picked out the PicoTurbine Windmill Experiments Kit so he could do energy science fair projects. He had so much fun experimenting with renewable energy. I felt that it was a great way for a young child to learn about how to save our planet!

Last year we gave all 3 kids an experiment kit from the Young Scientists Club Science Kit Set. These award winning kits are great because it gives the kids the materials to be creative and come up with their own projects.

One grandson picked out a microscope because he loves biology. Another grandson is really into astronomy and space exploration, and so I pointed him to Astronomy for Kids at And a granddaughter of mine is into the stereotypically girl stuff so Thames and Kosmos , Perfume Science Experiment Kit, was perfect for her. While she had fun mixing her own brand of perfume, she learned about chemical elements.

Just like the perfume lab, now-a-days science kits and labs come as a total package. For instance, a Crime Scene Investigation lab comes with real crimes to solve, microscope, chemicals, detective and spy equipment. And they cost less than if you purchased the items individually.

What greater gift can you give than the gift of knowledge?

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