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5 Best Quarantine Birthday Present Ideas
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While we thought the pandemic would be long gone by 2021, most of us have accepted that it’s here to stay. Even if you won’t be blowing out candles for real, there is no reason to halt your celebrations at home! Of course, this all should be done within mandated social distancing rules.
This means that you probably can’t go and visit your friend, but there are always ways to perk up their day! To make your loved one’s quarantine birthday a little more special, here is our pick of the best birthday present ideas for your friends and family living in USA!

Birthday Cake

No matter what, a birthday is incomplete without that classic birthday cake. You should not blow out candles on the cake during the pandemic, but it is mandatory for an Instagram picture at least, eh? Birthdays and cakes go hand in hand, so you can never go wrong with this choice of birthday present.
You can simply log online, and choose a flavor that is your birthday recipient’s favorite. Now, get your message written on the cake and schedule a hassle-free delivery right to their doorstep. With this super easy birthday cake delivery in USA, you can make someone’s quarantine birthday uber special. To catch them by surprise, you can even send them a birthday cake at midnight!


Who said a quarantine birthday needs to be spent down in dumps? Balloons are a token of celebration and can lift up anyone’s spirits-even as adults! They are a simple yet fun way to perk up a celebration, especially during these trying times.
Now, you can send over as many balloons as you like with a gift card to make their at-home birthday a little better. If you can’t physically go over and help them celebrate, this cute little gesture will surely make a world of a difference!

Chocolate Treats:

If your best friend is upset about their quarantine birthday, you can cheer them up with a heaven to goodness chocolate gift basket! Chocolate is known to produce happy chemicals, so this little token of love will go a long way in making your loved feel good on their special day.
You can find a wide variety of chocolate gifts online and choose one that suits their preference. You can send birthday gifts to USA and make someone’s quarantine birthday a little better, even if you can’t be physically present amidst the pandemic. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Fresh Flower Bouquet

Flowers immediately bring an air of love and happiness, making them ideal quarantine birthday presents! Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so carefully select a fresh floral bouquet that your recipient will like. You can also throw in an adorable teddy bear or a box of chocolates to make the gesture even sweeter.
If you’re stumped on same day delivery gifts for him or her, you can settle for a flower bouquet, which will almost never go wrong. After all, flowers are a popular choice all around the world! Send flowers to your loved ones online and make their birthday cooped insides homes a tad better.

Big Teddy Bear

We understand how lonely quarantine birthdays can be. So what can you do to bridge the distance while your lover celebrates their birthday alone at home? For such an event, a huge, cuddly teddy bear would make the perfect birthday present! We bet your girlfriend will be delighted at the sight of this adorable stuffed animal.
Teddy bears have made tokens of affection and are the perfect way to showcase your love for her. They offer a certain reassurance that is much needed during these difficult times. So, if you want to make her feel protected and loved on her birthday, we suggest you schedule an online delivery right away.

Send Birthday Gifts to USA

Avoid the hassle of running around in shops during Coronavirus and simply schedule a birthday gift delivery online anywhere in USA. You can send flowers, chocolates, stuffed teddies, gift baskets and order a birthday cake online for delivery in USA.

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