Best Fathers Day Messages And Quotes On Card

Fathers day

For every son/daughter, their father is their child superhero! You may not feel it but your father loves more than you know. It’s just men are not very vocal about it. Your father still deserves to know how much you love him and Father’s day is the ideal day for it. Because you also might be confused in reciprocating feelings, here are some tips:

“You helped me celebrate all my days till date

 Let's do it together today cause

it's Father’s Day”

Such little truths when you tell your father or present him a cute card decorated with a father's day message, the smile on his face can turn this father's day into both of yours favourite day you will remember always.

No matter you have a strict dad or the cool one, the serious or the angry kind of. You are lucky if you both live in the same house and even if not, feel blessed and say thanks to this loving fatherly bond cause whenever it's need of time, he's always there for you!

Though you can never actually return thanks to what he had been through to bought you up, Father's day is a great time to tell him how thankful you feel to have him.


For always being there for me.

I'm lucky to have you Dad”

“Today I would have been nothing,

If you weren't standing by my side all this time”

“I want to thank you again and again

more than the number of stars in the night sky”

“You are the Best!

And I'm blessed to be your Child.

Thankful to God

To have you as my Dad”

To make your father's day message special, try giving it a personalized touch. Instead of decorating it more with colors and motifs just add a little of emotions and see how he keeps it with him all his life just like another important certificate.

Ditch the usual beginnings, if you call your father with a different name other than dad or daddy, do being your note with that only.

There's absolutely no need to go long with your sentences. But surely try making him recall those long lost days of your childhood and all those good times you two spent together.

“The days I got to spend with you

Are all near to my heart

You made me learn important

life lessons

That make me realise why you used to say-

You are there with me always”

“Do you remember the games of my childhood days

And how more than often, you used to let me win

Just to cherish the big smile on my face.

I love you Dad!

And care for your smiles just the same way”

“Of all the teachers and all the coach that I had

You are definitely the Best

Dear Dad.

It's Father’s Day

I want to thank you

For all your priceless lessons that you made me learn”

“With all your love and care

You fulfilled all my wishes

The strictness you showed sometimes to punish me for my mistakes

In my goods as well the bads

You helped me out of all life barricades.

The way you bought me up

There can never be a better way”

If you wish to write it a bit more differently, you may make a list of all your favourite places and simply add ‘my father's loving arms’ to the list.

Just after he's done reading it, a lovely hug is guaranteed!

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