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Best Christmas Gifts for Friends in the Netherlands

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Whether you randomly hit it off over Facebook or have been besties since 5th grade, your best friend is one of the top recipients in your Christmas gift list. These best friend gifts are a great token to celebrate the festive holiday season. Christmas is a way to spread joy and happiness, and you could play the best Santa for your friends this year!

Our gift guide has some of the best gifts for your friends living in the Netherlands. Easy to send and always welcome, these gifts will surely put a smile on your long distance BFF’s face. Jingle bells all the way!

Top 4 Christmas Gifts for Friends in the Netherlands

While there are so any gifts that you can send, we have narrowed our list down to the top 5 gifts that are safe, sweet and decidedly festive, perfectly keeping in line with the occasion of Christmas. For a little added suspense, let’s go from 4 to 1. Yes, we’re saving the best for last!

1. Flower Combos

Do you know the excitement of receiving a fresh floral bouquet from your best friend? If not, send this article to your BFF to drop a not-so-subtle hint for what you want this Christmas. We all know the link between Christmas and celebrations, so let’s talk about what makes this gift idea so special. The thing is, we aren’t talking about just any flowers-we’re talking adorable flower combos! You can find a bunch of flower gift baskets with cuddly teddy bears, gooey chocolates and of course, flowers.

Our Top Picks:

2. Chocolate Treats

If you go down memory lane, you probably remember bonding with your BFF over a mug of hot cocoa or sinking your teeth in the rich enclave of a gooey chocolate bar as you gossip together. Chocolates induce a feeling of warmth, of belonging. This is just why chocolates make the perfect gift for your BFF this Christmas. But the grander the occasion, the more special the gesture should be, right? We suggest you look through the variety of chocolate gift baskets that are available for delivery to Netherlands, and pick one that your bestie will like best.

Our Top Picks:

3. Spa Gift Basket

It’s the holiday season, and we all know how stressful holidays can be. It doesn’t help that your BFF is so far away. Given that you both can’t be together to help each other through taxing family dinners prying into your love life, here is the best gift to help your bestie kick back and relax. A spa gift basket is a unique Christmas gift idea that is sure to help your best friend pamper herself in time for the big day. Girls love spa treats, so help her recreate the ultimate spa experience right at home.

Our Top Picks:

4. Tea Hamper

Yes, we saved the best for last. Before you start questioning this pick, bear in mind where you’re sending the gifts to! Winter season plus tea make the perfect Christmas retreat. People in the Netherlands consider a cup of tea as a way to relax. Basically, this gift is comfort, a best friend’s hug in a box! A tea hamper will never go wrong, given that Dutch people drink at least 3 cups of tea a day! With these fancy tea hampers, allow your bestie to set up the perfect Christmas Tea this year.

Our Top Picks:

How to Send Gifts to the Netherlands?

International gift delivery has never been so simple. Follow these steps to send any of the above gifts to your BFF in time for Christmas.

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