Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

Anniversary Couple
Anniversary Gifts

Your anniversary is your chance to make your wife feel special. She brings love and joy to your life, so it’s time to spoil her on this momentous occasion. Let’s face it, women love gifts but they are also just as picky about what they like so it’s a tad hard to find the perfect anniversary gift for women. This can leave men stumped on the right gift choice that will sweep her off her feet.

If you’re looking for romantic anniversary gifts for your wife, this guide will help you out in making the best decision that will surely bring a smile to her face. 

To make the gift choice even more special, you should look for anniversary gifts by the number of years you two have spent together. Without further ado, let’s get started!


1 Year

The first anniversary is paper.

For this one year mark, you can give your wife a handwritten card that declares your love for her. In this digital age, we have lost the charm of penned letters, so this is your chance to revive that. Get her a spa gift hamper to go with it to give her some much needed time to unwind and relax. After all, she’s worth it! 


2 Years

The second anniversary is cotton.

For this occasion, you can get an adorable stuffed teddy to delight the little girl inside of her. No matter what her age, every woman will get giddy at the sight of a huggable teddy perched on her bed. For this reason, we suggest an adorable teddy and flower gift basket that is sure to please her. 


3 Years

The third anniversary is leather.

If your wife is a stickler for fashion, this is your time to delight her with a pair of fine-looking leather boots or a cool leather jacket. We bet this will put her complaints of you not taking her shopping to rest!


4 Years

The fourth anniversary is for fruits or flowers.

This is the perfect chance to give her a fresh floral bouquet. It is no surprise that women love flowers and there’s no better occasion to give her a lovely, Instagrammable bunch. You can schedule a fresh flower delivery to her work station. With so many options available, make sure you choose her favourite flower!

You can also gift her a fresh fruit basket that you two can then enjoy together. It’s different, it’s yummy and it’s completely healthy!


5 Years

The fifth anniversary is wood.

For this landmark, you have to gift her something truly special. Step away from the clichéd gifts and get her an adorable wooden photo cube with some of your best photos showcased on the sides. This adorable gesture will make her feel as important as the occasion you’re celebrating. 


6 Years

The sixth anniversary is all about candy.

This is the time to titillate her taste buds! There is so much variety you can give her. If you want to keep it simple and classy, you can get her a scrumptious chocolate gift basket with a delicious assortment of her favourite chocolates. 

You can also buy her favourite cake because, well, who doesn’t like cake? If you want to try out something different, get her chocolate-dipped strawberries. The options are endless!


7 Years

The seventh-year mark is for wool or copper.

We suggest you get her a stunning woollen scarf that she can style in many different ways. Women love to dress up, so you won’t go wrong with this one!


8 Years

The eighth anniversary is reserved for pottery or bronze.

If you have an artistic flair, hand paint some pottery for her. She will love the effort that went into making this anniversary doubly special for her.


9 Years

The ninth year is for willow, but any plant makes do.

Plants bring freshness into your home, and this works out pretty well if your wife harbours a love for gardening. Apart from flowers, you can also gift the indoor plants that she can take care of. Among the myriad of options, the orchid plant is our personal favourite!


10 Years

The ten-year landmark is for tin or aluminium.

For this occasion, gift her an amazing piece of jewellery and a stunning jewellery box to match. We suggest getting this stunning glass jewellery box with a delicate metallic frame and a flower wreath painted on top.

Now, you can send presents online and save time and energy! With these super romantic gift ideas, make your wife feel extra special on this day. 

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