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How do Chinese Celebrate Qixi Festival?

About Qixi Festival

Chinese has two valentine’s day to celebrate. One on February 14th and another on the 7th lunar day in August Before knowing how they celebrate this day, you must know why was this celebrated. There was a story of “Weaving Maid and the Cowherd” which way backs to 2000 years back to Han Dynasty where cupid hasn’t started making his rounds. There was a man named Niulang and a woman named Zhinu who is the 7th daughter of Goddess of Heaven. All the sisters along with Zhinu decided to have fun and landed on earth, took a bath and returned home expect Zhinu. She is known as weaving maid and her work is to weave beautiful white clouds. Niulang along with his old ox has hidden her clothes so she can’t fly away, after that they fell in love with each other and gets married. But Zhinu must return to heaven on her mother’s order and this Old Ox helps Niulang to go to heaven with its powers. But Zhinu's mother decided to separate them using a river. But the magpies moved by their true love are permitted to come once in a year on the 7th lunar day in August and build a bridge to unite these lovers. This is the brief description of why Chinese celebrate Qixi festival .

Now, how do the Chinese Celebrate Qixi Festival?

  • Unlike gifting Red Roses, Chocolates, or heart-shaped decorations Chinese preferably choose a pair of wooden carved or ceramic Mandarin Ducks which are believed to be lifelong couples. These are regarded as a symbol of affection and marriage.
  • In Korea, these signify fidelity and peace. These are called wedding ducks and are often given as wedding gifts.
  • It is popular for the young girls who worship celestials at local temples, praying the weaver maid for wisdom, beauty, and a good husband. In earlier days it’s also called “Begging for Skills Festival”. And Strangely they leave soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste near holy places.
  • They even participate in contests where use needles and threads in low-light conditions and also glowing embers.
  • This festival is so important for Couples. The Newlywed Couples worship stars Vegas and Altair looking at the third star-forming bridge between the two stars.
  • In some regions, seven friends would make dumplings together to find a needle, copper coin, or a red date that was hidden in any three of them. If they get a needle, they will receive good skills in needlework and embroidery. If they get Coin which meant good fortune and red date for marriage.
  • If it rains on the day of Qixi, the people believe that Weaver maid was crying after reuniting with her family.
  • If Spiders were seen to weave webs on objects, they think that Zhinu was being positive with their family.

So, these are all the traditions and beliefs that people follow in China and Taiwan. If you have someone who’s living there you can send some gifts through Giftsnideas.com and remind them of their customs. They will feel excited that you know their culture and follow them.

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