Grace Nancy – Gift Specialist

Her Vision

  • To open her own gift shop.
  • Have a well deserved life from hard work
  • To be able to do so by spread the joy through gifting & sharing her expertise with the world.
  • The Journey:

    “Every dream begins with a ray of hope”. For Grace, both the dream and the hope have been fulfilled, at least partially, for there remains much to accomplish. She was 10 years old when she clearly understood what the word ‘gift’ meant, even though what she received was a pair of warm socks, she loved the way it was given to her on Christmas eve by her parents. “I still remember it. It was wrapped beautifully and given to me by my parents”, said Grace. “I loved every minute of ripping away that beautiful wrapping to find an adorable pair of socks inside. I am 26 years old now and those small little socks are still in my room.”

    Her passion

    A graduate in Mass Media from Sophia Women’s College and with post-graduation degree in Advertising and Marketing from Xavier’s Institute of Communication, she never knew what she wanted to do till Grace’s career at one point took a dramatic turn towards the art of gifting, and she has never looked back ever since.

    Her Challenge

    It took Grace a long time to build her reputation as a gift expert. Writing numerous blogs, article, journals and much more for various magazines and websites Grace realized that no two people will like the same gift. She spent years in researching and coming up with new ways to provide a level of satisfaction to people who buy gifts for their loved ones. Ultimately Grace realized that with the change in times, the gifting trend and style keeps on changing. She still seeks to gain more knowledge in the world of gifting and will continue to do so in the future too, till she finds the perfect Gifting solution.