Dhruv Thakur - Gift Specialist


  • To establish a handmade gift manufacturing company.
  • To spread the joy of exchanging gifts using creative and new ideas.
  • To attain his goals by using a combination of hard and smart work.

The Journey

Every business starts with an idea, and the Dhruv got the idea for his business from a GIFT that he got from one of his close friends on his 23rd birthday. It was a handmade bog of paper that when opened, scattered beautifully, creating a systematic cluster of memories and messages from the people he so dearly loved. Such a personalized gift had been more valuable to him than any other thing that he had gotten in past several years. This triggered the idea that what had meant to him so much, could also mean a lot to several other people.

His Passion

Ever since he was in the class 9th, Dhruv has had the dream of having a business of his own. He loves to engage with individuals. He always was creative, even as a child, engaging in several extra co-curricular activities. This business idea gives him an opportunity to bring together both, his drive and passion.


As the saying goes ‘Rome was not built in a day’, ever since he got the idea, Dhruv has been trying to build a team that can work along with him as a creative contributor. All the while taking small orders and doing individual projects. It is important to have a team that can be trusted and is fun to work with and creativity flows the best when one is having fun.

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