5 Gifts to Send To Your Friends in UK

5 Gifts to Send To Your Friends in UK

UK is a common destination where people go to pursue their education or career. If any of your ‘friends’ fall under this category, we understand you might be (rightfully) missing them like crazy! But now, it’s time to make peace with the situation and see how you can still maintain the strong bond you share.

Celebrating special occasions is an important part of any relationship, and being so far away takes the joy of that. But not anymore! Now you can send out international gift delivery to UK for any occasion at all! But what exactly can you send?

Here are 5 gift ideas that your friends in the UK will surely love!:

  • Tea Treats

    We know that the British and tea go a long, long way back! If your friend has recently turned into an ardent tea lover, this gift would be perfect for them, perfect to a T (pun intended). There are several gift baskets that offer an assortment of delicious teas procured from around the world, along with some snacks and treats to enjoy during tea time.

    Our pick is the heaven to goodness Cream Tea Deluxe basket. With simple yet sophisticated quintessential British packing, this basket offers English teas, delicious hand baskets, scones and a lot more!

  • Bath Gifts

    If it’s been a stressful week for your friend or the cold UK weather has your friend down in the dumps, here’s what you can do to cheer them up even when far away-a testament of a true friendship. Gifts don’t always need an occasion, so this is your chance to be there for a long-distance friend by offering them a comforting bath set that will create a complete self pampering session right at home.

    Our pick is the delightful Party in The Bath Pamper Gift that has an adorable looking towel, a pretty pink loofah and bath soap to help a girlfriend scrub her troubles away!

  • Flower Arrangements

    If your friend has only recently moved and you’re already missing them like crazy, here’s what you can send as a housewarming gift. Flowers are always welcome as they bring a breath of beauty and fresh air into a home. You can look through a wide assortment of floral bouquets and choose the flower type and color that your bestie will love most.

    Our pick is the gorgeous Petite Arrangement Time for Tea that is suitable for any UK inhabitant. This gift features a stunning arrangement of pink and purple flowers in an adorable pole dotted pink vase. This could be the perfect accent for their table at their next tea party!

  • Stuffed Teddy

    We know the gloomy weather in London can get to you, especially if you’ve only recently moved. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or friendship day, your friend could really use a comforting hug from you. While you can’t be there physically, here’s the best you can do. Send over an adorable stuffed teddy that will make them feel spoiled, silly and super special.

    Our pick is the Beary Rose Bouquet that features a giant stiffed teddy holding a fresh floral bouquet. Who wouldn’t crack a smile at the sight of this endearing gift coming from miles and miles away?

  • Sponge Cake

    If it’s your friend’s birthday and you’re not there, there’s no reason you still can’t celebrate together! Now you can schedule a same-day delivery to UK, so the cake reaches them fresh and ready to be cut with you on Zoom call.

    Our pick is the classic British cake, a Raspberry Victoria Sponge Cake with a moist sponge and a layer of juicy raspberry nestled in between. Who can possibly resist this delicious treat?

UK Gifts:

Looking to send gifts to UK? Here’s what you can do.

  1. Log on to Giftsnideas.com .
  2. Choose the destination (UK in this case).
  3. Look through gifts available for delivery.
  4. Make the payment online and you’re done!

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