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A Guide To Choosing New Year Gifts For Her

The most awaited time of this year is just around the corner! As we are about to bid adieu to the year 2018 and usher in the New Year 2019, there’s a whole lot of enthusiasm in the air about planning for the holiday season. To add to this wonderful [...]

Tips On Picking New Year Gifts For In-Laws

Christmas and New Year are the most wonderful time of the year. This is a time when you indulge in loads of fun, shopping and food. While there’s nothing more pleasant than getting and giving gifts, it does involve a lot of planning for selecting the [...]

Make Your Christmas More Special With Christmas Gift Hampers

Can you feel the Christmas spirit in the air? A festival so amazing, so full of happiness and cheer needs to be celebrated in the most special way. Some of the busiest and fun-filled days of Christmas can be made even sweeter with selected Christmas [...]

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Gifting On Christmas!

Christmas holidays are the best time to connect with old and new pals, extended family members, colleagues, clients, employees or bosses. The festive season is specially meant to bond with the important people in our lives and to indulge in some Chri [...]

Top Christmas Gifts For A New Couple

It goes without saying that Christmas time is fun time. People of all ages celebrate this festival with cheer and fervour. This occasion becomes all the more special because you give and get gifts, and exchange of gifts is important because it is one [...]

Gifts That Can Make Hanukkah Extra Special

The festive season has just begun and so has the excitement. We are done with Thanksgiving and now it is time to celebrate Hanukkah - the Festival of Lights. This festival is celebrated for eight days and is marked by lighting up candles every night, [...]

Wonderful Gift Ideas For New Year 2019

A New Year is a wonderful occasion that marks the beginning of a new journey in life, and calls for celebrations. So, 2019 will be a new chance to start life afresh, do all those things you have always dreamed of, and show near and dear ones how much [...]

What To Do When You Have To Host A New Year Party - Décor Tips

A New Year is a new beginning, and it gives everyone a chance to wipe their slates clean and start afresh! The dawn of a new year is often the time when people resolve to be more ambitious, more caring, more health-conscious and more positive. So nat [...]

Top 10 Tips To Choose The Best Gifts For Christmas

The first thing you think about when the holidays are around the corner, are gifts. It is one of the important and time consuming aspects of your holiday shopping list. You need to put a lot of thought and effort into it, if you intend to impress y [...]

Thoughtful Retirement Gifts You need to know for Gifting

"Gift" is an emotion. When you gift someone something, you not only show your care and respect towards them but also gift them a piece of memory to cherish for a long time. So, while choosing a gift, choose wisely! Gifting is not an easy task. As it [...]

Why And What To Gift Grandparents This Christmas?

Christmas is a time for spreading cheer and showing our love to each other. A popular way of expressing love and care during this holiday is to gift your loved ones and spending time with them. Grandparents are among these loved ones whom you should n [...]

The Ultimate Guide To Host a Thanksgiving Party

When you see places like offices and even streets decorated during the fall season, you know it’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones.  If you are planning on throwing a Thanksgiving party this year, then right after Halloween is the best [...]

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas That Will Take 10 Minutes Or Less

It is that time of the year that you have been looking forward to for months together – and that’s Thanksgiving. If you are hosting the thanksgiving lunch or dinner this time, you may want to make sure that you throw one of the best parties ever. Whi [...]

Pick A Gift That Keeps On Giving This Christmas!

Christmas is that time of the year that brings a lot of happiness, joy, love, and lot of gifts! One of the best things about Christmas evening is celebrating it with family and friends and post dinner, unwrapping of the gift boxes. Receiving a gift [...]

New Year Gifts For Him That Won't Stop Being Amazing

Who does not like getting gifts? Especially when it’s from someone who is close to you, the feeling is truly amazing. And New Year is a vibrant time to enjoy giving gifts as well! By sending the right gifts to your family and friends, you can start a [...]

Interesting Gift Ideas for October Birthdays

A birthday is a special occasion for the person celebrating the birthday as well as for his/her near and dear ones. Now, each month of the year has special significance, especially when it comes to gifting ideas. So, while you are picking a birthday [...]

How To Pick A Great Holiday Gift For Her

Gifting is a great gesture to show you care and adore somebody. And holidays are especially meant to have fun with your near and dear ones. Gifting during holidays is another level of happiness altogether! The next thing you must be pondering over is [...]

Gifts That People Value the Most

Gifts are a way of expressing your love and care for someone. Choosing the right gift can make the person receiving it realise how much effort you have put in, to secure a memorable gift. While some people get easily delighted with any gift, there a [...]

Fun Christmas Decor and Gift Ideas 2018

Christmas is one of the merriest times of the year. You know its holiday season when little red canes and wreaths can be spotted on streets as a part of the festive season's decoration. Make sure your home too looks festive and welcoming by decoratin [...]

Dos and don’ts of holiday gifting at your workplace

Holidays are a time for merrymaking and spreading cheer. However, the whole aspect of gifting can make this cheerful season a stressful one too. This does not just apply to people getting gifts for their near and dear ones, but also employers who woul [...]

DIY Birthday Decorating Ideas

Birthdays are truly special, as they give you the chance to be thankful for all the good things in life. Moreover, loved ones come together on this occasion to wish you the best and shower love and surprises! So, if you are planning a birthday party [...]

Boss’s Day Gifts Which Are Worthy!

Most employees all over the world have a bittersweet relationship with their bosses. Your boss can be real nice one day and cranky or angry the next. But that is what professional life is all about, and not every road can be smooth! But why pass up [...]

Best Advice on How To Make Holiday Gifting Special

Holidays does not just mean a lot of cheer and fun but also a lot of gifts. Holiday gifting is an important element of the holiday season, which if done right, can bring happiness to both - the person getting the gift, and the one giving it. There ar [...]

10 decadent cakes to make any occasion memorable

Whether it is a birthday party, an anniversary party or a party to celebrate a promotion, no special occasion is complete without cakes. A rich, delicious and beautiful looking cake can bring people together, thrill taste buds and make even strained [...]

5 Christmas Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Christmas is one of the most cheerful seasons of the year. It is a time for exchanging wonderful gifts with friends, family as well as colleagues and employees at your workplace. While your friends and family care for you through the good and bad ti [...]

Rosh Hashanah Gift Baskets

Tips To Make Rosh Hashanah Memorable With Gift Baskets The Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashanah is a happy occasion that marks a new beginning and hope for a wonderful future. On this day, Jews all over the world get together with their families and friends [...]

Top Benefits Of Online Gifting That Makes Your Life Easy

Top 5 Benefits Of Online Gifting That Makes Your Life Easy Whether it is an Anniversary, Birthday, Mother's Day, Raksha Bandhan, or any other special occasion, one thing common in all these days apart from celebrations is gifts. Kids generally get exc [...]

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him Her

Best 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, Her & Them So, it has been a great joyful roller-coaster ride! You and your better half is about to complete the first year of your relationship. First anniversary is a special occasion which marks a mile [...]

Best Fathers Day Messages And Quotes On Card

Father’s Day - What To Write In A Father’s Day Card For every son/daughter, their father is their child superhero! You may not feel it but your father loves more than you know. It’s just men are not very vocal about it. Your father still deserves to k [...]

Ramadan Gifting Ideas

Ramadan Gifting Ideas For 2018 The month of Ramadan for Muslims, help in terms of increasing spiritual obligations and give them a chance to come together as a community in times of happiness and need. Ramadan is a time of forgiveness and charity. It [...]

Giftsnideas Global Holiday Guide

Gift Delivery: GiftsnIdeas’s Global Holiday Guide GiftsnIdeas's Global Holiday Guide Celebration is incomplete without gifts! Gift is what makes our bonds stronger. Whether you want to celebrate with your better half, parents or a friend, the idea behi [...]

21st Birthday Gifts For Her

Unique 21st Birthday Gifts For Her 21 is an extremely crucial age for a girl. It’s her first taste of adulthood and that can be both daunting and exciting at the same time. This is when she will be taking her first steps into her adult life. It’s a [...]

Online Gifting Over Offline

Why Choosing Online Gifting Over Offline Gifting Is A Better Option? Our life is full of occasions, happy or sad, lonely or partying. Each occasion adds the much needed meaning to our lives. Whether we are with our loved ones or away from them, these o [...]

Why Brazilian Valentines Day

Why Brazil Celebrates Valentine’s Day On 12th June? We all know about the famous Valentine’s Day. You either celebrate it if you are a better half or hope to get through it if you are single. No matter what your relationship status is, the event affect [...]

Best Graduation Gifts For Him

Best Graduation Gifts For Him Graduation is a crucial moment in everyone's life. It is “once in a lifetime” kind of day, quite literally. After years of hard work and perseverance, the day to celebrate his accomplishment and success has come. Whether, t [...]

Best Graduation Gifts For Her

Best Graduation Gifts For Her Getting a graduate degree, isn’t that special? No matter what stream or field it is. The amount of effort it requires to achieve your highest degree is monumental since it requires years of hard work, sincerity, and d [...]

Fast Facts About Online Gifting

Fast Facts About Online Gifting “I don’t like gifts” said nobody ever. Gifts are one thing which is loved by everyone, may be in different forms such as roses, chocolates or even holiday tickets. With the diversified options available gifting has becom [...]

Top Birthday Gifts For Him Or Her

Top 5 Birthday Gifts For Him/Her You know it's his/her birthday after a couple of weeks. You would want to surprise your better half by planning the perfect day and gift. It's a lot of pressure. From planning the whole day to executing everything [...]

How Same Day Gift Delivery Can Save You Time

How Same Day Gift Delivery Can Save You Time In the world of instant gratification, people want everything as soon as they can. People don’t have the patience to wait in some cases! Either it is an urgent need or they are too excited for a product [...]

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Sister On Raksha Bandhan

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Sister On Raksha Bandhan Gifts are the most beautiful ways of telling someone that you really care for them. Your gift contains your love and emotions for the concerned person: let it be your beloved sister this Raksha Ba [...]

Send Get Well Soon Gifts Online

5 Get Well Soon Gifts That Will Bring a Smile to Their Face Being unwell is a time in everyone’s lives that simply sucks. One cannot go out, cannot eat to their will, and feels irritated, unattractive and worst of all feels needy. These are the ti [...]

Perfect And Unique 18th Birthday Gifts For Him

Unique 18th Birthday Gifts For Him There are special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries in life which helps in bridging the distance between hearts. There are gifts for every occasion; however it becomes difficult to a make choice for hi [...]

Perfect 18th Birthday Gifts For Her

Unique 18th Birthday Gifts For Her Birthdays are very special and it gives us an opportunity to family and friends to come together, enjoy and celebrate the special occasion of someone close to them and whom they love dearly. These birthdays are t [...]

Unique 21st Birthday Gifts For Him

Unique 21st Birthday Gifts For Him For any guy, his 21st birthday is a big occasion. It’s when a guy enters into the adult club and it brings him a beautiful gift of freedom wrapped in glossy paper of responsibilities. It is a surreal experience [...]

Send Gifts Internationally To Usa Uk Germany Singapore Canada

Sending A Gift Abroad - Gift Ideas For US, UK, Germany, Singapore, Canada Gifts are a way to show love and care for the person. It is a gesture to show one’s emotions. There are thousands ways of expressing your emotions in the form of gifts. With the [...]

Mothers Day Coupons

Mother’s Day Coupons Looking for perfect gift for your mom this mother’s day. Browse our mother’s day gift ideas and choose from flowers, cakes, fruit gift baskets, spa gif [...]

Mothers Day Quotes

Mother’s Day gift ideas special - Famous quotes from celebrities Mother’s Day is on 13 May 2018, it is not the only day we remember our mom’s but it surly a d [...]

Mothers Day Messages

Mother’s Day Messages to express your love Mother’s Day is on 13 May 2018. We have more than decade old history of not just delivering Mother’s day gifts but all the emotions poured onto the me [...]

First Celebrations Of Christmas

First Celebrations of Christmas Christmas is the Christian festival that commemorates the birth of Christianity’s center figure, Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This day is celebrated all over the world and is declared civil holiday in many world’s nati [...]

Firsts In Life With Christmas

Firsts in Life with Christmas How would you remember the celebrations of your first birthday? Just recall them from your faint memories or you can even reminiscence them from your childhood photographs. Amazing, aren’t they? Such sweet memories need no [...]

Foodie Gifts That Impress Foodies

Foodie Gifts that Impress Foodies Gourmet specials are very impressive and always catch the appetite of gourmets in a special way. There are many ways in which you could celebrate and capture the impressions of your gourmet loved one who is an arde [...]

Perfect Perfumes With Super Fragrances

Perfect Perfumes with Super Fragrances Perfume, the word alone just fills all the air around us with the breeze of aroma! Women love it for its sexiness, men for its chivalry! We have opened a new door of gifting enabling you to gift premium perfum [...]

Christmas Evening With Gifts

Christmas Evening with Gifts Cheers all start right from the day one of December and some indulge in the Christmas even before. A typical Christmas month starts with your home cleaning ceremonies having fun with your little kids and wives or husbands. [...]

Flowers And Women Personalities

Flowers and Women Personalities A while ago, I’ve got to answer a quiz that results in finding the perfect match of flower choices. It was actually for women. I stayed in my man’s corner and answered every question if the quiz had been taken by the [...]

Gift Baskets For Christmas

Gift Baskets for ChristmasGift Baskets for Christmas The cheer of Christmas cannot be described to the fullest in just a mere article. For it is the celebration that mainly is characterized by immense joy and of course filled with the blues of vacation, [...]

Impact Of Flowers In Life

Impact of Flowers in Life Flowers in our lives have taken a special place since ages. All across the world, flowers are nurtured and exchanged as a symbol of warm human expressions. This is not a protocol or a proven procedure but is an emotional surge [...]

Birthday Gifts For Her

Birthday Gifts For Her Birthdays are always tricky to do. You are supposed buy her a gift that stands out but doesn’t remind her of the word weird. To buy something that’s uh-mazing and awe-some at the same time is a fine, art, and few master it. Here’s [...]

Full Of Valentines Gifts

Full of Valentines Gifts Every year, Christmas comes and New Year goes and what’s to look forward to? It’s a long old drag to Spring and the January Blues have set in. Grey old mornings look to be here forever and you can’t see anyway out of it. G [...]

Valentines Day Surprise

Valentines Day Surprise You want Valentine’s Day, the 14th February to be a special day and the best way is to keep surprise an important part of the tradition of expressing your love. Send your gift with no clue as to the sender identity because it’ [...]

Lovers Picks

Lovers Picks No matter who you are or where you are, The Queen of England or in the middle of Queens in NYC there’s a part of life that’s all about the grind. Routine stiff that’s just gotta be done. Someone’s gotta put food on the table and the g [...]

Last Minute Valentines Day

Last Minute Valentines Day It’s three minutes to Valentines and what’s that? Twang. What is that? Is it the twang of cupids bow or the twang of your heartstrings when you realise you’ve forgotten all about your other half. If it’s the twang of cup [...]

Romance On Tuesday

Romance on Tuesday It’s here again, Valentine’s Day comes around so quickly. It must be something to do with the Winter Blues that makes things come round so quickly and this year it all happens on a Tuesday. I could think of better days to celebra [...]

Post Valentines

Post Valentines So you’re all organised for Valentine’s Day. You’ve made your selection from a great selection of gifts. What did you choose? Was it chocolates? Perhaps a dozen roses, or a heart shaped bouquet. You may be the sort of person who lov [...]

Gifts Of Love

Gifts Of Love February 14th – time to fill your heart with thoughts of the one you love, that special person who creates a spring in your step. You may only have one love but at Gifts n Idea we have many ways for you to celebrate that love. We spend [...]

Many Valentines Gifts

Many Valentines Gifts What is it with this Valentines thing? Why would you just want to remember the one you love on one day. Love is not like a tap. You don’t turn it on at 11.59 pm and then turn it off 24 hours later, it’s on all the time. Why [...]

Exceptional Brands For A Unique Mom

Exceptional Brands For A Unique Mom Remember those days when Fererro Rocher chocolates, a box of Ghirardelli squares or a Godiva chocolate use to make your mouth water. Our parents also used to indulge in them but secretly. Did you notice they never t [...]

Knocking On All Mothers Doors

Knocking On All Mothers Doors Time to let your mind go back, to those carefree days when your mother cooked for you, scrubbed you clean and in return by the end of the day you became dirty again. Don’t worry, all you sons and daughters from 15,384 c [...]

Secrets Are Revealed About Mothers Day

Secrets Are Revealed About Mother's Day Few little birdies came and whispered in my ear, what mothers like now days. I took their advice and can’t wait to see my mother’s reaction now. Yes everyone, I am here to tell you all the trendy things that ar [...]

Put All Your Gifts In One Basket

Put all your gifts in one basket! There is an interesting tradition in the state of Victoria in Australia. There exists a ‘Father’s Day Council’ there which recognizes and awards a few men as Fathers of The Year every year. Of course, the criteria a [...]

The Earlier The Merrier

The Earlier, The Merrier! So Father’s Day is coming up. You’ve picked the perfect gift, planned the perfect surprise and have decided on making his day special. But isn’t this too clichéd? Too boring? Too regular? Why restrict yourself to just the [...]

Getting Better With Time

Getting better with time How do you gift appreciation to an entity that never demands one? I am talking about fathers. They care and nourish and love and provide for…but never demand anything in return. It is enough for them to know that their child [...]

Mesmerize Her

Mesmerize her! Leave her spellbound! Birthdays are always tricky to do. You are supposed buy her a gift that stands out but doesn’t remind her of the word “weird”. To buy something that’s uh-mazing and awe-some at the same time is a fine art and only [...]

Romantic Gifts Just For Him

Romantic Gifts just for Him The Right Gift for Him! Through the years, men's tastes have changed to reflect a more diverse interest in the gifts they receive from ladies. Mixed bouquets are not unusual presents for women to send to their favorite [...]

Personalized Gifts With A Personal Touch

Personalized Gifts with a Personal Touch We live in a world today where it’s busy, busy, and busy. There are so many services, thank goodness, that are designed to make our crowded lives easier. Finding a way of wishing happy birthday or happy holiday [...]

The Dream Gift

The Dream Gift Getting past today’s doom and gloom can be a struggle. It’s a tough old world for all of us today and what’s wrong with a few harmless daydreams to get us through the tough times. We all need to have a focus to keep us going but littl [...]

Whats New This Christmas

What's new this Christmas? What’s Christmas without legends and tales. The history of Christmas festival dates back over 4000 years. Ancient Midwinter festivities celebrated the return of the Sun from cold and darkness. Midwinter was a turning point [...]

Early Birds

Early Birds Why so early? It’s just LOVE! February is a very special month. The Month of the legend saint and the cupid. The month of fresh love, re- kindled romance, mushy hearts, fairy tale bonding’s, re affirming the eternal power of romantics over [...]

New Arrivals

New Arrivals What’s New This February? Cupid’s here with more arrows! February’s all about New Love. It’s all about adding new essence to that old romance. Or shower your love and emotions to that new lady in your life. The power of love lies in your [...]

Full Of Gifts

Full Of Gifts Cupid’s Packed with Arrows! February's not only full of Love and Romance but also tales, stories and myths of the legend behind those celebrations. You have stories to tell as well. You have a special thing going on. There’s Love in t [...]

Cupid Says This Ones The Best

Cupid Says, “This one’s the best!" "Your love is like a tidal wave, spinning over my head Drowning' me in your promises, better left unsaid. You're the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasy, The invincible winner and you know that you were [...]

Your Love Safely Delivered

Your Love Safely Delivered “I’ll be there for you. These five words I swear to you. When you breathe I want to be the air for you, I’ll be there for you.” - Bon Jovi It’s February and there is a songbird in every romantic person, singing songs, pr [...]

Last Minute Delivery

Last Minute Delivery It's that month of the year where February has entered with cupid's arrows blazing and you know you are struck with the same eternal problem. How to express your love? How to add spice to an old romance or how to rekindle the magic [...]

Candy Gift Basket

Elmo and candies Elmo and Candies are Kid's BEST Friends Elmo was famous in mid-90’s when America went insane over tickle me Elmo dolls. It still is a kid’s most favorite toy.But candies too are kids’ best friends. The best and the easiest way to win [...]

Food Gift Baskets

Kindle yourself with great food !! The latest version of the popular e-reader, Kindle Fire HDX7 is the perfect Christmas present for those who love to read. It has unlimited selection of books available to download at the touch of a button, and viewed [...]

Champagne Gift Basket

It’s Time to celebrate with Champagne The best time of the year is here. During Christmas it is very important to do all the planned tasks on time. The best way to add glitter to your loved one’s festive season is by gifting him/her the most stylish wa [...]

Champagne Gift Basket

It’s Time to celebrate with Champagne The best time of the year is here. During Christmas it is very important to do all the planned tasks on time. The best way to add glitter to your loved one’s festive season is by gifting him/her the most stylish wa [...]

Spa Gift Basket

Have a stylish Christmas with the designer bag and a Spa Gift Basket You can’t resist yourself from falling in love with the most stylish Designer bags. Gift the stunning designer leather shoulder bag from Fashion houses like Fendi. There are variety of [...]

Jewelry And Roses

Jewelry and Roses are for sure a woman’s Best Friends! Women heart their jewelry and when it is gifted by someone special it is more precious. Surprise your lady this Christmas by gifting her the most beautiful Jewelry Collection . There are many lovely [...]

Tablet With A Chocolate

A tablet with a chocolate, Sweeten your iPad3 with our Chocolate Box This works better than the doctor’s prescribed tablet. iPad3 is the most luxurious present one can get on the eve of Christmas. This apple a day will keep doctor away ;-). This tablet [...]

Cookie Gift Basket

Leap Frog Leap pad explorer with a Cookie Gift Basket is a child’s dream!! It is common to see an adult buying a tablet but why should kids be left out? Even kids would love to get a unique present this Christmas. Leap Frog Leap Pad Explorer tablet is j [...]

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas “Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh, what fun it is to ride In a one horse open sleigh!” Christmas every year is a joyous time. Everyone is in celebration mood throughout the month and the celebrations last t [...]

Gifts For Every Zodiac

Gifts for Every Zodiac Use the Zodiac to Steer You To A Perfect Gift Choice Choosing a gift for someone can be rather difficult, especially if you don’t know them very well. Anything that makes choosing easy is a welcomed help. Here are some thoughts a [...]

Trending Now

Trending Now We give gifts today on many different occasions. Most religions have a festival where giving gifts is part of the celebrations and in many countries we also celebrate other events such as birthdays and anniversaries by giving gifts. Gifting [...]

Brazil Valentines Day

Brazil Valentine's Day When it comes to love the Latinos indeed have a flair. Small wonder, they even have a separate Valentine Day for themselves. In Brazil, it is June 12 – Lover’s Day! Get ready for the jubilant day in June (which in 2018 happens t [...]

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year The Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival as it is sometimes called, is a 15-day festival in traditional custom. It can be generally divided into three periods, the days preceding the festival, the festival days and the days after the Sp [...]

Valentines Day

Send Valentine’s day Gifts Love blossoms all the time. But it is on this day the 14th of February that it spectacularly blooms into an expression that has maximum emotional appeal and heartfelt sincerity. For those in love this is the day that matters [...]

New Year Gifts

Send New Year Gifts Internationally New Year is the harbinger of new hopes, dreams and resolutions. A time you look forward to welcoming another year to realize your potential and express yourself to the World at large. As an occasion it is a second-t [...]

Christmas Season

Christmas Season Gifts Christmas is more than a day. It is an entire season. And for many it is the spirit that they would love to carry with them all year long right until the next Christmas arrives. It is the time when both receiving a gift and givin [...]

Thanksgiving Day

International Thanksgiving Day Gifts Thanksgiving Day started off as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest of the preceding year. Since then this wonderful occasion has been used by Americans to express their thanks for dreams realized [...]

Homemade Gifts Gluten Free Dessert Recipes

Homemade Gifts: Gluten Free Dessert Recipes What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and any foods that are made with these grains. Gluten is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. Unfortunately, some people are sensitive [...]

A Guide To Chocolate Production

A Guide to Chocolate Production Chocolate has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the Mesoamerican people including the Maya and Aztec. Since its discovery many years ago, the way in which cacao is grown, harvested, and processed has advan [...]

Homemade Gift Ideas With Beading And Jewelry Making

Homemade Gift Ideas with Beading and Jewelry Making Beading, or the process of weaving together strings of beads, is a practice that has been around for centuries. Beads were originally used as currency between nations and adornment on clothing and acces [...]

The History Of Hanukkah

The History of Hanukkah Chanukah (Hanukkah), the Festival of Lights, is the big daddy of all festivals in the Jewish calendar. It begins on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev, and lasts for eight days. On the secular calendar, Chanukah general [...]

Spa Gift Basket Gifts

Send Spa Gift Baskets Internationally Treat the deserving one with our affordable spa gift baskets that gives no less experience than a complete spa experience in the spa salon. It is certainly the best gift option for the person who deserved all the pea [...]

Rose Gifts

Send Roses Internationally Roses have been the most popular choice of flowers for the purpose of gifting across the world. They also act as a great addition to home and office decor. A bunch of roses or even a single rose works wonders aesthetically and [...]

Same Day Gifts

Send Same Day Gifts Internationally You think you are late. We believe you are not. Choose your gift from our amazing range of gifts and go for our same day delivery option to save yourself! Send Same Day Gifts to USA: Find Same Day Gifts for other [...]

Gourmet Gift Baskets Gifts

Send Gourmet Gift Baskets Internationally Explore our incredible assortment of gourmet gift baskets filled with our fine selection of high quality. With baskets for every occasion, you’ll find just the gift that fits your budget and style at World Market [...]

Fruit Gift Baskets Gifts

Send Fruit Gift Baskets Internationally Express your love and care with our delicious and fresh Fruit baskets and spread a touch of freshness and good health all around with our full of freshness Fruit Basket. Send a Fruit Basket today. Send Fruit Gif [...]

Gift Baskets Gifts

Send Gift Baskets Internationally With a gift basket, you can send an assortment of small items that is sure to please whoever receives them. Here you can buy or order gift basket online and surprise your loved ones by sending them beautiful gift baskets [...]

Chocolate Gifts

Send Chocolate Gifts Internationally Happiness is a surprise gift of chocolates. Send chocolate gifts to a family or friend and satisfy their sweet tooth with our amazing scrumptious range of chocolates which is certainly the finest and is set to do the [...]

Blackfriday Gifts

Send Black Friday Gifts Internationally Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November), often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In recent years, most major retailers [...]

Thanksgiving Gifts

Send Thanksgiving Day Gifts Internationally Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Several other places around the [...]

Halloween Gifts

Send Halloween Gifts Internationally Evolving from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, modern Halloween has become less about literal ghosts and ghouls and more about costumes and candy. The Celts used the day to mark the end of the harvest season and [...]

Teachers Day Gifts

Send Teachers' day Gifts Internationally In many countries, Teachers' Days  are intended to be special days for the appreciation of teachers, and may include celebrations to honour them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the [...]

Bosses Day Gifts

Send Boss's Day Gifts Internationally Now here is a day that gives you a chance to both tell and show the boss what you really think of him or her. And, it is an opportunity to give your boss the appreciation that he or she truely deserves. So go right [...]

Diwali Gifts

Send Diwali Gifts Internationally Diwali, India's most anticipated, widely celebrated festival of lights is also India's largest shopping and gift giving festival. Because it is associated with prosperity, the tradition of shopping and giving gifts is [...]

Rakhi Gifts

Rakhi is celebrated on a full moon day in the month of August according to the Hindu calendar. It's the day when brothers and sisters reaffirm their affectionate bond. Send Rakhi Gifts to USA: Sweet and Savory Snack US$43.9 Time F [...]

Ramadan Gifts

Send Ramadan Gifts Internationally Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and a time when Muslims across the world will fast during the hours of daylight. Ramadan is celebrated by fasting from dawn to dusk and it is considered a time of pr [...]

Comprehensive Guide to Cake Design Ideas for the Holidays

Even the best bakers can get a little stumped when it's time to create yet another cake. A fun way to come up with ideas is to have a look at what others are doing. Browse through recipe books or websites and blogs online. Often, just looking at a few pi [...]

Low Fat Desserts & Cake Recipes

A good number of North Americans have been on a diet at some point or another, and of course it is an enormous disappointment when the diet fails. A common mistake that many of us tend to make is that we try to deprive ourselves entirely of foods that we [...]

Teaching Kids How To Bake a Cake

One of the best ways to get kids interested in baking is to let them play an important part in the process. Instead of asking kids to simply observe the preparation of a cake recipe, give them things to do! Of course, parents should give kids age-ap [...]

Sending Cigars as a Corporate Gift

Sending Cigars as a Corporate Gift The introduction of tobacco in Europe emerged in 1492, when Christopher Columbus's crewmen encountered natives who presented them tobacco on the Island of Hispaniola. When exploring the Island of Cuba, they discovered t [...]

Christmas Gifts That Keep On Giving

Every day somewhere in the world you will find people suffering. You may find someone whose home was recently destroyed by a tornado or someone who is homeless and starving due to financial difficulties. There are many reasons why people suffer in this w [...]

International Christmas Traditions

Billions of people around the world celebrate the Christmas holiday season. The holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ in most cultures. In the 4th century, the Western Christian Church-all of the people who are Christians-declared December 25th Ch [...]

Lily Garden Gifts for all Ages

Lilies glow with beauty, exude fragrance and deliver powerful color. Globally, the lily ranks fourth in popularity and children and adults alike enjoy the satisfaction of lily propagation. The lily provides a diversity of color, shape and fragrance. Peop [...]

Grace Nancy – Gift Specialist

Her Vision To open her own gift shop. Have a well deserved life from hard work To be able to do so by spread the joy through gifting & sharing her expertise with the world. The Journey: “Every dream begins with a ray of hope”. For Grace, [...]

Gifts from Around the World

Gifts from Around the World Gift giving can prove tricky for family and friends. Imagine the stress levels rising when it comes time to give holiday gifts to international associates. Cultural differences can interfere w [...]

Home made Gift Ideas for Holidays

Halloween Fresh Pumpkin Recipes, Halloween Recipes Galore! A website that provides fun, delicious recipes for festive family gatherings during the Halloween season. Homemade Halloween Crafts for Kids A compilation of homemade Halloween crafts for kid [...]

The Gift Of Imagination: Guide To Popular American Novels

There are many people who say Who cares what students are reading so long as they are reading something. This may be a useful argument (especially if you hate reading) but consider the following. Imagine the Indy 500. Everyone pulls up to the start with [...]

The Gift of Thanks - The First Thanksgiving

Most kids love Thanksgiving because there is no school and they get to eat turkey with family. Furthermore, most kids know the basic history behind the celebration of Thanksgiving. They know that many years ago the pilgrims who traveled to the New World [...]

International New Year Gifts

The 1st of January every year witnesses the arrival of feast and treats in loads. This is the day on which people across the world celebrates the New Year. New Year is the day on which we say good bye to the old one and welcome a year of hopes. People [...]

Get Expert Gift Suggestions

Local Gift IdeasBoston gift shopseattle gift deliverypersonalised gifts usagift baskets sacramentogift delivery dallasgift delivery houstonatlanta gift basket deliverygifts miamigift baskets nyc deliverygift baskets richmond vaInternational DeliveryManch [...]

Easter Gifts

This year Easter will fall on 16th April 2017. Easter is the oldest and the most important Christian Festival, the celebration of the death and coming to lif [...]

Women's Day Gifts

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day for us all to acknowledge and celebrate the women, young and old, in our lives. On this occasion, make her feel special by sending beautiful gifts to express your true emotions a [...]

International Flower Delivery

Send flowers internationally to more than 184 countries. You can send flowers for birthday, weddings, anniversary or any romantic occasion like valentines day etc.. Flowers are the most a [...]

South America online gift delivery

Go North or South, East or the West, you find the gifts all over the world almost one and the same. Roses, chocolate and gift baskets abound everywhere for occasions like birthday and anniversary. South America online gift delivery too is no exception. T [...]

Europe online gift delivery

Europe online gift delivery is colorful with gifts like tulips, daisies and delicate daffodils, flowers of any variety, Italian cuisine, Spanish cava, Belgian chocolates, Danish cookies, Russian cakes, French Coffee, English tea o [...]

Asia online gift delivery

Asia online gift delivery serves a wide sweep of the Earth from Japan in the East to Lebanon in the West, covering China online gifts delivery and India online gifts delivery. Naturally Gifts n Ideas have the highest concentration in over 25 countries we [...]

Australia-Oceania Online Gift delivery

Australia and New Zealand GiftsnIdeas have introduced exclusive web pages containing choice gifts for Oceania gift delivery for Australia and New Zealand. This has been done taking into account the unique nature of the continent. Strictly speaking, Austr [...]

North America Gift Delivery

North America gift delivery by GiftsnIdeas has perhaps the widest range of gift products. North America offers a variety of cultures, including American, Canadian and Latin cultures in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Our Gifts in the North American r [...]

International Romantic Gifts

Send Romantic Gifts to USA: When you want to buy romantic gifts for your special someone, you will first have to think about what is romantic in the other person's eyes. There a [...]

International Gifts For Her

Send Gifts For Her to USA: 12 LONG STEM ORANGE ROSES US$67.99 12 Pink Long Stem Roses US$81.59 12 Premium Roses in Vase US$103 [...]

International Gifts For Him

USA Gifts For Him Gifts 12 LONG STEM ORANGE ROSES US$67.99 12 Long Stem Roses US$98 12 Short Stem Mixed Roses US$93.5 [...]

Christmas Gifts

Christmas season is the time when gift-giving is almost a ritual. GiftsnIdeas have lined up best Christmas presents for this festival season. We have unusual and inexpensive xmas gifts in our gift gallery. There are not only Christmas gift baskets but [...]

International Cake Delivery

USA Cake Gifts In today's busy times, it is hard to fit it all into the day. You might have children, a full time job, chores around the house and many other things you need [...]

International Birthday Gifts

USA Birthday Gifts 12 LONG STEM ORANGE ROSES US$67.99 12 Short Stem Mixed Roses US$93.5 12 Short Stem Red Roses US$77 18 Red Rose [...]

International Anniversary Gifts

USA Anniversary Gifts 1 Kg Chocolate Cake US$159.22 12 LONG STEM ORANGE ROSES US$67.99 12 Premium Roses in Vase US$103 12 Short Stem Red Roses US$77 [...]

International Online Gift Shop

USA Gifts 12 Boxed Mixed Roses with Block Vase US$115.53 12 Lb Assorted Truffles US$40.8 12 LONG STEM ORANGE ROSES US$67.99 12 Long S [...]

Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day 2018 is a day to honor and celebrate fathers and fatherhood. This year, it is being celebrated on Sunday, June 17th. Giftsnideas has a wide range of best online fathers day [...]

Mother's Day Gifts - Send Gifts for Mom Worldwide

Celebrate International Mother’s Day on 13th May 2018. Send the right gift for mom and make her day memorable. Choose from a wide range of Mother's Day Gifts, Mother's Day Gift Baskets, and other Mother's Day Gifts like Flowers, C [...]

International Gift Delivery

When you are looking for the perfect gift for someone, you would normally hit your local stores and search until you find it. But often, you might want something truly unique. And you might even want something that the person has never [...]

Personal Care Gifts for Mother's Day

Personal care gift items form a major class of gift items on Mother's Day. The more unique and customized they are, the more suitable they are as gifts. The indispensable skin care items A nice Mother's Day gift is a set of soaps with Mother's Day me [...]

Homemade Mother's Day Gifts

Homemade gifts hold a special position among Mother's Day gifts. There are many simple things that you could make at home, and are perfect gifts for Mother's Day. Pamper her with food As one of the best ways to make people happy is to pamper them, servin [...]

Best Science Gifts for Kids

Once a year I make sure that I give each of my grandchildren science gifts. You may ask why. Being a former gifted reading teacher, I know how important it is to give a gift that is fun, keeps children's interest live and at the same time stimulates the [...]

Novelty Gifting in UK

A gift that is new and unusual is a novelty gift. Novelty gifts or "novelties" add special flavour to the occasion celebrated because of the factors that make them special. A friend, a family member, or a partner might want to give you something that i [...]

Valentine's Day Gifting In UK

St Valentine's Day is a wonderful, romantic event. For sending a gift, you ought to know the right kind of gift for your valentine. The besty way to attain success in sending a perfect gift is through personalised or unique Valentine's Day gifts, becaus [...]

Mother's Day Gifting In UK

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: When is the mother’s day in UK Mother’s Day, also known as Mothering Sunday is traditionally celebrated three weeks before Easter Sunday. Mother Day 2013 in the UK will be held on the 10th of March. As a celebration of mother [...]

Baby gifting in UK

A new born baby is the centre of attraction in any house. The arrival of a baby is a wonderful moment in the life of any parent. Thus begins a new family with a mother, a father, and a child. Everyone celebrates this momentous event in the parents' life [...]

Christmas Presents

Its Christmas time again! On Christmas morning in the UK, Children collect the presents from their parents very eagerly. Small Christmas presents are tied to the Christmas tree, and children take those Christmas presents that are kept under the Christma [...]

UK Gifting Culture

A gift is a material thing showing the message of love. The value of a gift is not measured by the cost of the gift but the amount of love attached to it by the gift presenter. In UK, gifting culture is an age old tradition to enhance love and strengthe [...]

Christmas Traditions

Traditionally Christmas is observed on 25th December annually to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Both religious and secular holiday, Christmas includes exchange of gifts, Santa Claus, display of the Christmas tree with decorations, and religious ce [...]


Thanksgiving in American Culture Thanksgiving tradition is in the very fabric of modern American culture. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year. In Canada it is cel [...]

European American Gifting Culture

Europeans have settled in American since three centuries, though massive immigration took place in the nineteenth century. Russians, German and Irish European Americans have assimilated into mainstream American culture but have still retained their dist [...]

Asian American Gifting Culture

East Asians such as Chinese, Japanese, Koreans came to America as low skilled, low wage laborers but they assimilated into mainstream American society and still maintained their unique culture, customs and identity. Chinese American Gifting Culture Chi [...]

African American Gifting Culture

African American celebrations and festivals emphasize their enslavement and liberation and also their unique culture and assimilation into mainstream society. Juneteenth Juneteenth (June 19th) is the oldest emancipation celebration in African American c [...]

Jewish Gifting Culture

Modern Jewish American Culture and Gift Giving Tradition Even though America's 4.3 million Jews have integrated in to American Culture they have always retained their identity by celebrating their religious festivals and adhering to their traditions a [...]
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