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With a gift basket, you can send an assortment of small items that is sure to please whoever receives them. Here you can buy or order gift basket online and surprise your loved ones by sending them beautiful gift baskets today
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  • A Beautiful Basket
    A Beautiful Basket US$129.95 US$116.96
      ( 11 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • A Sweet Treat Hamper
    A Sweet Treat Hamper US$125.95 US$113.36
      ( 11 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Fly-High Dreams!
    Fly-High Dreams! US$XXX
      ( 13 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Amatller Single Origin C..Amatller Single Origin C..
    Amatller Single Origin Chocolate Hamper US$XXX
      ( 1 Rating )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Celebration Fruit BasketCelebration Fruit Basket
    Celebration Fruit Basket US$XXX
      ( 2 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Pamper Dreams
    Pamper Dreams US$XXX
      ( 4 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Winter in Venice Gardene..Winter in Venice Gardene..
    Winter in Venice Gardeners Spa Experience Gift US$XXX
      ( 8 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Chocotreat
    Chocotreat US$XXX
      ( 12 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Gifts in a Globe Box
    Gifts in a Globe Box US$XXX
      ( 60 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Tuttie Fruittie Fruit Ba..Tuttie Fruittie Fruit Ba..
    Tuttie Fruittie Fruit Basket US$XXX
      ( 1 Rating )
    Chocolate Box Extra
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  • downloading products
  • downloading products
  • downloading products
  • downloading products
  • Tower Of Treats GiftsTower Of Treats Gifts
    Tower Of Treats Gifts US$65.95 US$59.36
      ( 8 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Border Fruit HamperBorder Fruit Hamper
    Border Fruit Hamper US$XXX
      ( 1 Rating )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Chocolate Rose CakeChocolate Rose Cake
    Chocolate Rose Cake US$51.95 US$46.76
      ( 17 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Chocolate Star CakeChocolate Star Cake
    Chocolate Star Cake US$XXX - US$XXX
      ( 1 Rating )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Daisy Celebration CakeDaisy Celebration Cake
    Daisy Celebration Cake US$XXX - US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Chocolate Heart CakeChocolate Heart Cake
    Chocolate Heart Cake US$XXX - US$XXX
      ( 1 Rating )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Flower Duet CakeFlower Duet Cake
    Flower Duet Cake US$49.95 US$44.96
      ( 5 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Football Celebration Cak..Football Celebration Cak..
    Football Celebration Cake US$49.95 US$44.96
      ( 2 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Healthy Living Fruit Bas..Healthy Living Fruit Bas..
    Healthy Living Fruit Basket US$XXX
      ( 3 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Hearts and Stars CakeHearts and Stars Cake
    Hearts and Stars Cake US$49.95 US$44.96
      ( 5 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • I Love You Heart CakeI Love You Heart Cake
    I Love You Heart Cake US$49.95 US$44.96
      ( 4 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Lady Bird CakeLady Bird Cake
    Lady Bird Cake US$XXX - US$XXX
      ( 1 Rating )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Love Tweet Heart CakeLove Tweet Heart Cake
    Love Tweet Heart Cake US$49.95 US$44.96
      ( 2 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Peonies Birthday CakePeonies Birthday Cake
    Peonies Birthday Cake US$XXX - US$XXX
      ( 1 Rating )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Pirate CakePirate Cake
    Pirate Cake US$49.95 US$44.96
      ( 1 Rating )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Standard Fruit Gift Bask..Standard Fruit Gift Bask..
    Standard Fruit Gift Basket US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Tropicana Fruit BasketTropicana Fruit Basket
    Tropicana Fruit Basket US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • West End Fruit BasketWest End Fruit Basket
    West End Fruit Basket US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Pamper Her GiftPamper Her Gift
    Pamper Her Gift US$25.95 US$23.36
      ( 4 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Bath Time Bundle
    Bath Time Bundle US$XXX
      ( 6 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Traditional Maple TreatsTraditional Maple Treats
    Traditional Maple Treats US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • The Warming Red Collection
    The Warming Red Collection US$60.59 US$54.53
      ( 7 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Sugar Log Gift BasketSugar Log Gift Basket
    Sugar Log Gift Basket US$XXX
      ( 1 Rating )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Muffins Gift Basket
    Muffins Gift Basket US$88.95 US$80.06
      ( 14 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Gift Hamper for Him
    Gift Hamper for Him US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Glyndebourne
    Glyndebourne US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • His Salami and Ale Hamper
    His Salami and Ale Hamper US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Only The Best for Her
    Only The Best for Her US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Pure Indulgence Luxury Hamper
    Pure Indulgence Luxury Hamper US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Red Wine and Two Cheese Hamper Gift
    Red Wine and Two Cheese Hamper Gift US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra

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  • Many Thanks. Just talked to the recipient and she loved everything. Have a great day. - marcelo sant'anna, United States
  • Thank you so much for your excellent service, my neice has received my gift and is delighted with it. Once again thank you, I shall be returning in the future. Have a lovely Christmas. - Mrs C Dean, United Kingdom
  • Thanks for the confirmation and the fantastic service. I spoke to my sister this morning and she said the flowers are beautiful. - Katherine D Griffin, United States
  • Thank you very much, you are the best! I will buy again from you when i need because you are the best! - Tudor Alexandru Marian, Romania
  • This is the first year we have used your company and we want to thank you for your prompt service and notification of the delivery. - David Rosenbaum, United States
  • Thanks... I have got confirmation from my freind also. She is really happy and appreciated quality of roses. - Li Yan, India
  • Thanks for the exceptional service. Look forward to shopping with you again! - Sonam Chetal, India
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Mother's Day : 8th May
This Mother's Day, send the right gift for mom and make her day memorable. Choose from a wide range of best Mother's Day Gifts, gift ideas for mom. Send Mother's Day presents like Gift baskets, Spa gift baskets, Flowers, Cakes delivered across world. To honor mothers across the world for their love, kindness and affection that they have bestowed upon us, celebrate Mother’s Day on 8th May!

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Information about Sending Gifts to The U.K


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain, is the 80th-largest sovereign state in the world and the 11th-largest in Europe. It is also is the 22nd-most populous country, with an estimated 64.5 million inhabitants. It has the world's fifth-largest economy by nominal GDP and tenth-largest economy by purchasing power parity. The UK is considered to have a high-income economy and is categorised as very high in the Human Development Index, currently ranking 14th in the world. The UK has a very rich gifting tradition in both the personal or professional fronts.

Gifting Do’s and Don’ts In The U.K


  1. Make a clear distinction between business and personal gifting. The British have a very clear distinction of both
  2. Have a proper understanding of the occasion that you are gifting to. Invest effort in knowing your recipient. Attention to detail is appreciated.
  3. Tea and snack hampers are a good gifting idea in The U.K. Britain is among the few advanced nations that still treasures its tea time, and it is often a ritual on weekends.


  1. Gifts for women such as perfume or clothing are usually inappropriate. They are considered too personal.
  2. Choose gifts with no religious connotations.

When is the right time to send gifts to U.K?

Personal occasions or business occasions aside, the key festivals or holidays in 2016 for U.K are:

  1. New Year’s Day-Friday, January 01
  2. Easter Monday-Monday, March 28
  3. St. Georges Day-Saturday, April 23
  4. Father’s Day-Sunday, June 19
  5. Christmas Day-Tuesday, December 27

How to send gifts to UK?

Have you ever had a question on how to send gifts to Britain? Have you ever been frustrated with mere the thought of sending gifts to Britain from a different country? Of course, most of us have felt the same way while trying to send a gift to Britain. We have made it easier to send gifts to Japan through We always make an effort to satisfy your gifting needs by providing the best gifts to send to Britain for any occasion with a wide range of variety. If you have problem or question on how to send gifts to UK from a different country, you can do a 24*7 live chat or call to our customer service. Our customer service executive will be happy to help you in sending gifts to Britain.

What to gift for various occasions?

  1. Valentine’s Day – Roses and Chocolates, Personalised Belgian Chocolates… and, more…
  2. New Year – Chocolate Gourmet Gift, Classic Milk Chocolate Ballotin Box… and, more…
  3. Birthday – Be Mine Belgian Chocolates, 12 Piece Assorted Crumb Cakes… and, more…
  4. Anniversary – Love Balloon Bouquet, Breath taking Beauty… and, more…
  5. Corporate – Gifts in a Globe Box, Chocolate Mania Selection Box… and, more…
  6. Him – Personalised Love in a Bottle, Fresh Feast… and, more…
  7. Her – Always in my heart, Blossom Bear… and, more…

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GBP 15 to GBP 250