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It's a season of Gratitude. Put your work to rest and be 'busy' feeling grateful, for a change. Sounds good? It's time to give warm thanks to your dear ones! It's Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving - Canada

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  •  5 Asiatic lilies
    5 Asiatic lilies US$XXX
      ( 7 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Autumn in Full Beauty
    Autumn in Full Beauty US$XXX - US$XXX
      ( 2 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Farmer's Bounty
    Farmer's Bounty US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Golden Stardust
    Golden Stardust US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • A Golden Greeting
    A Golden Greeting US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Holiday Gourmet
    Holiday Gourmet US$XXX
      ( 2 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Autumn Gourmet Flair
    Autumn Gourmet Flair US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Le Connoisseur
    Le Connoisseur US$XXX
      ( 3 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Jewel of the Crown
    Jewel of the Crown US$XXX
      ( 2 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Golden Greeting
    Golden Greeting US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • A Special Thank You
    A Special Thank You US$XXX
      ( 2 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Autumn-Special
    Autumn-Special US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Wine and Cheese Platter
    Wine and Cheese Platter US$XXX
      ( 23 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • A Special Thank You Gift
    A Special Thank You Gift US$XXX
      ( 3 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Audrey Hepburn Gift basket
    Audrey Hepburn Gift basket US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Thankful-for-each-other
    Thankful-for-each-other US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Junk Food Madness
    Junk Food Madness US$XXX
      ( 29 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Around the World
    Around the World US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Baklava tray assorted
    Baklava tray assorted US$XXX
      ( 2 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Gourmet-taste
    Gourmet-taste US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Beneath the Golden Gate
    Beneath the Golden Gate US$XXX
      ( 2 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Fabulas Gift
    Fabulas Gift US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Fruity Sweet Basket
    Fruity Sweet Basket US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Cheesetastic Flavors
    Cheesetastic Flavors US$XXX
      ( 5 Ratings )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • Country Kitchen cheeses
    Country Kitchen cheeses US$XXX
      ( 1 Rating )
    Chocolate Box Extra
  • downloading products
  • downloading products
  • downloading products
  • downloading products
  • downloading products
  • Eclectic sweet tray
    Eclectic sweet tray US$XXX
    Chocolate Box Extra

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Ramadan:28th June to 28th July
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and a time when Muslims across the world will fast during the hours of daylight. Ramadan is celebrated by fasting from dawn to dusk and it is considered a time of prayer, spiritual reflection and charity. It’s also about spending time with family and friends and it’s common to have one meal before sunrise and one after sunset. Send Ramadan Gifts Internationally

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