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  • Thank you very much! I am very pleased at how great yall have been! - Lindsay McHugh, United States
  • I just received an email from Amanda and she has tracked down her gift. Appreciate your professional and speedy response. - SIEW LUANG A M CHOO, Singapore
  • Thank you so much for following up on this. Much appreciated! Will order again from here. Merry Christmas. - Sergio Mur Boada, United States
  • Thanks for the exceptional service. Look forward to shopping with you again! - Sonam Chetal, India
  • Thank you very much! I really appreciate your service and will do more purchasing in the near future! - Senani Abeywickrame, Sri Lanka
  • Thanks for your services. I am again planning to send gift delivery to london on 16th/17th june for a child of 2 years old for birthday. please suggest. - mrinmoy chaudhury, India
  • Want to thank you for the service, the gift was received. You really have a very good service. Thanks a lot! - leticia torres, Chile
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About China

Information About China

You can send gifts for delivery to the following Cities in China: Songjianghe, Tongchuan, Anda, Wuhan, Benxi, Ximei, Chonglong, Yancheng, Dandong, Yongfeng, Foshan, Zhenlai, Guli, Heyuan, Huilong, Jidong, Jinzhou, Lianshan, Longjiang, Mingshui, Panshi, Qinzhou, Shaowu, Taixing, Wanxian, Baishishan, Xianyang, Changshu City, Xinye, Dashiqiao, Yinchuan, Duyun, Yuxi, Gaoping, Zhu Cheng City, Hangu, Huadian, Jiangling, Jinji, Laiyang, Linjiang, Luqiao, Nanpiao, Pucheng, Sanchazi, Shixing, Shenzhen, Tieli, Altay, Wuchuan, Bijie, Xihua, Chizhou, Xuzhou, Dingzhou, Yantai, Fengxiang, Zhaozhou, Guixi, Hepingjie, Huhehot, Jiangyou, Juegang, Lianjiang, Lanzhou, Mianyang, Nanyang, Qingzhou, Shanting, Tailai, Wangqing, Baiquan, Xiantao, Chaoyang, Xintai, Dairen, Yatou, Dunhua, Yushu, Gaogou, Zhuanghe, Hancheng, Hongqiao, Jagdaqi, Jinhua, Laiwu, Lingyuan, Luohe, Nanjing, Pizhou, Runan, Shitanjing, Sishui, Tianpeng, Aksu, Wuchang, Bengbu, Xifeng, Chenzhou, Xucheng and more.

The exchange rate for 1USD in China is Y6.20 (approx.)
China Gift Delivery

Information About China Gift Delivery

China Gift delivered. Be it Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or any other occasion, we deliver gifts to your loved ones in China through the best China gift delivery service.

Gift delivery in China has been made easier

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Moon festival:6th-8th September
The Mid-Autumn Festival is an official harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese peoples. The Moon festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar and Vietnamese calendar, during a full moon, which is in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar, within 15 days to the autumnal equinox.Send Moon festival gifts to China

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